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Morocco Travel Blog

Morocco is a country located in the far west of North Africa with its capital Rabat, located on the banks of the Mediterranean Sea in the north and the Atlantic Ocean in the west, characterized by its beauty and natural scenery, it includes tourism in Morocco with its diversity because it contains many types of tourism together and historical and religious tourism.

Morocco has become a global destination for tourism thanks to its tourism components. Many Moroccan cities are famous for having the most popular tourist destinations.

Exploring Morocco Travel blog – Your Dream Vacation awaits

Morocco is known around the world for its fascinating natural beauty, arid landscapes, and magnificent Sahara desert, as well as for its stunning beaches that line the coastal cities of Agadir, Asilah, and Essaouira.

There is so much to do like hiking in Morocco, riding a camel through the Sahara, exploring the ancient and mysterious Arab culture, spending a few nights in the beautiful Dades Valley, and much more.

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Get to know the Morocco Travel Flag

Let us analyze the meaning of its colors and elements:

The color of the red background on the flag since the sixteenth century represents the relationship between God and the nation. The king is descended from the Alawite dynasty of the Muhammad dynasty. Red is the color of courage, courage, strength, and solidity.
The pentagonal or pentagonal interlocking arms form a continuous broken line. Its green color represents Solomon’s seal and is known to be Islam. The star symbolizes life, health, and wisdom.

The five peaks of the Moroccan flag star are the five pillars of Islam, where the framework of Muslim life is established and they form the five main obligations of every Muslim, namely:

Shehadeh. It is the testimony of faith. “There is no god but God, Muhammad is the Messenger of God,” and his translation is “There is no god but God, Muhammad is the Messenger of God.” It is the most important pillar. I sincerely announce before two witnesses, it is sufficient to be considered a Muslim. Polytheism and idolatry refused.

Prayer. Sentence. It is the relationship between God and the believer without intermediaries. There are 5 daily prayers reminiscent of the ever-present covenant of submission and obedience to God. The prayer is led by an educated person who knows the Qur’an and is chosen by society. It can be held in mosques or anywhere, but always towards Mecca.

Zakat. Giving zakat helps those in need. Its original meaning is “growth” and “cleansing”. It consists of giving the needy groups individually calculated assistance and consists of an annual payment of 2.5% of each person’s capital. Keep Reading Morocco Travel Blog.

Swan. Fasting during Ramadan, the ninth month of the lunar calendar, and the month in which the Qur’an began. It is used as a special mode of self-purification because it creates sympathy for hungry people and helps them gain self-control. They should refrain from eating, drinking, and having sex. Families get up before dawn and eat their first meal of the day until sunset, which breaks their fast with a snack.

Pilgrimage. Hajj to Mecca. It is a commitment that must be fulfilled by all those who have material and economic capabilities. In Mecca, a simple two-piece white dress called a wrap is worn to avoid any distinction between the classes.

The Moroccan flag was adopted on November 17, 1915. Although it did not obtain independence from Spain and France until March 2, 1956, Morocco never adopted the French tricolor flag.

Morocco Travel Blog Information

There is much information that should be known about Morocco, including the following: Rabat is the capital of the Kingdom of Morocco.

Most of the inhabitants of Morocco speak Arabic, which is the official language in the country, and they use the French language, which is considered the second language in the country, in addition to the presence of other dialects used within the Kingdom, such as Spanish, Berber, and English in some regions.-The area of ​​the Kingdom of Morocco is 446,550 square kilometers.

According to 2017 statistics, the population reaches approximately 33,986,655 people. The Moulouya River is one of the important sources of water in Morocco, its source is the Atlas Mountains, and it flows in the Mediterranean Sea. 

Morocco Travel blog Pictures

Morocco is a great place for a photographer to see, a pure party of color, and a variety of incalculable landscapes that make you feel in a different country every day.

On the same trip, you can find yourself photographing its virgin beaches, the Roman archaeological remains in Voulibilis, the white snowy peaks of the Atlas, palm groves of an intense green dotted by its red adobe kasbahs, the charming Chefchaouen dyed in indigo, Marrakech is known as ” The red city ”, the intense orange of the desert dunes where its men in blue (Berbers) live, or simply observe and capture with your camera how all those colors mix and to coexist to attest to the way of being and feeling of its inhabitants in the tanners’ square in Fez. Photographing Morocco is easy and also to write a Morocco Travel Blog, wherever you look there is a source of inspiration. 

Tourism in Morocco Travel Blog

Tourism in Morocco plays an important role in the economy of Morocco, due to the stability it has enjoyed in comparison with other neighboring countries in North Africa.

The Moroccan government established the first Ministry of Tourism in 1985. Tourism in Morocco is the core nucleus of the services sector in Morocco, which has a road network And Sakakia, with a length of 59,474 km and 1,813 km, and there are the most important international airports in each of Casablanca, Rabat, Agadir, Fez, Marrakesh, Tangier, Jeddah, Laayoune, Nador, Errachidia and Dakhla. The most important ports are located in Casablanca, Mohammedia, Kenitra, Tangier, Dakhla, Nador, and Agadir.

The Ministry of Tourism, Air Transport, Handicraft, and the Social Economy oversees the tourism sector in Morocco. keep reading our Morocco Travel Blog

Foods about Morocco Travel Blog

Morocco Travel blog

Morocco is famous for the variety of its cuisine and its delicious cuisine that attracts tourists from all over the world, with a variety of spices, local vegetables, and delicious meats, which are the main components of the Moroccan dish, which represents one of the advantages of Moroccan Food.

Whether the methods of cooking using Tagine or the use of ingredients such as Couscous or chickpeas and beans, their kitchen is the founding kitchen of most of the most important habits and cooking methods in Moroccan cuisine. As for the Arab conquest in the seventh century, it affected Moroccan cuisine significantly, as the Arabs brought with them to Morocco spices such as cinnamon, paprika, and ginger from India and China, and they also introduced nuts and dried fruits that they brought from Persia, which affected the preparation of dishes that combine Between the sweet and sour taste.

Morocco is a country loved by tourists due to its many advantages, as it is a country of nature and unique landscape tourism, located on two seafronts of the Mediterranean basin and the Atlantic Ocean.

and is blessed with diversity in the climate and the diversity of its terrain, it has many charming long beaches and Fishing ports, oases, Khasis and the magnificent Atlas Mountains, all of which give tourists the possibility of enjoyment, recreation, entertainment, and holiday tourism, in addition to that, Morocco enjoys the beautiful and wonderful Islamic architecture that is represented in its walls, palaces, and mosques that will take you to Moroccan history.

Islamic. This is what made Morocco one of the most attractive countries for tourists in Africa and also for Morocco Travel bloggers.

Time to travel to Morocco for Blogging

The spring season, which extends from March to May, is the best and most appropriate time to visit Morocco so that this period is characterized by its moderate and beautiful weather, and Morocco knows calm rains and warm weather and is comfortable for tourism and enjoys its beauty, during this period you can visit all the cities of Morocco from the north To the south, especially in the month of May, which gives you the freedom to choose the region you want to spend the vacation.

The best travel time to visit the Sahara desert

If you are planning a trip to the desert, it is better to have it during the fall or early spring, because you undoubtedly do not want to travel from your country to escape the heat to find it there, and let you know that during the months of March and April you can face some sandstorms coming from the south, known as Sirocco.

Top travel 3 things to do in Marrakech

Marrakech could be a tangible and rich city in Morocco where you will find a particular mix of ancient customs and current accommodation. A city where shit trucks, zest merchants, and snake charmers mingle with luxurious spas, cafes, and public transportation.

The city contains a variety of sites of cultural and architectural significance and the Marrakech Medina was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985. in Marrakech there are a lot to see and also if you’re a blogger you will find many things to write about Morocco Travel blog.

These are the 3 things to do in your travel to Marrakech:

1: Visit a Palaces

If you spend a lot of time in Morocco, you will learn that in the long history of Morocco, there are four main imperial cities or historical capitals, namely: Fez, Marrakech, Meknes, and Rabat (the current capital). There are still three main palaces in Marrakech, the Badi Palace, the Bahia Palace, and therefore the Royal Palace. The Royal Palace is privately owned and is currently not welcoming to the general public, but the Badi and Bahia Palaces are often visited for a small fee.

If you are just curious to visit one of the palaces, I would definitely recommend the Bahia Palace, as it is in better condition, surrounded by gardens, and you will see more intricate handicrafts here than inside the Badi Palace, which has been more devastated by time and negligence.

The Badi Palace, or Badii Palace, perhaps a large 16th-century palace now in the fairly ruined condition in the center of Marrakech, but a visit here gives you an honest idea of ​​how large the structure is and there are often art exhibits. . inside too.

The Bahia Palace has less history than the Badi Palace, built in the 19th century, but it is in much better condition, which makes it much easier to imagine the first grandeur of this magnificent palace. It had been worked for the Grand Vizier of Marrakech, a former slave who had come to power, as a house where he lived respectively with his four wives, 24 courtesans, and many young people. It must be a very busy place!

Morocco blog

2: Walk on the ramparts

In the Kasbah district, you will also find lovely views of the ramparts of the 12th-century city walls, which stretch for about 19 km [12 miles] around the city’s medina, and are still far away. of this ancient wall. The city of Marrakech receives its nickname “Red City” or “Ocher City” for the color of these adobe walls, a reddish-pink clay. The walls were built to protect the inhabitants, and originally there were many watchtowers and around 20 gates that allowed entry through these walls.

Several of the doors still exist and many visitors do something to research some of the more ornate doors known as Babs. The 12th century Bab Agnaou entrance to the Kasbah is often considered the most impressive of all the entrances to the walls of the medina.

Bab el Khemis (which means Thursday door in Arabic) marks the entrance to the market which takes place in the neighborhood every Thursday morning from 8 a.m. to noon, which is worth the detour for street market lovers, and you will find there an eclectic mix of antiques, junk, and treasures. The market is particularly known for its ancient doors.

Travel blog Morocco

3: Eat much Moroccan Food

The highlight of many travelers’ trips to Morocco is the food. We definitely suggest trying the neighborhood food and trying things like méchoui (spicy lamb cook), khubz (bread), crunchy olives, dates, Harira, Couscous (tomato soup), Tajines, and sweet mint tea. Food is relatively cheap in Marrakech and it is easy to find local dishes throughout the city.

For those who love food, we highly recommend that you consider a food tour with Marrakech Food Tours if you want to try Moroccan dishes that you are unlikely to get on your own.

The travel agency is visited by the American Amanda and her Moroccan husband Youssef who both sleep in Marrakech with her family, and who have developed an itinerary that focuses on traditional Moroccan dishes cooked at home.

Get to know the two deserts of Morocco travel blog

Merzouga or Zagora: Trips to the deserts of Morocco

If you want to feel the freedom to run or shout to the wind a secret, because nothing better than doing it in the middle of the deserts of Morocco, you choose to travel to Merzouga or Zagora. Maybe you end up telling the camel that you are going to ride.

Traveling in the deserts of Morocco is like going to the scene of the movie “The Mummy”, although the events take place in Egypt, where it was actually filmed in the Moroccan region of the Sahara and it is there. that we will visit two of its main deserts. You will decide at the end of the trip which of them you like the most: Merzouga or Zagora.

I will tell you how to get there, what to do, what to see, when is the best time to travel, where to sleep in Morocco, you will know the place where Game of Thrones, Gladiator, was filmed. Also, I will give you some tips for getting on a camel and putting on a turban. Feel like a Moroccan!

The most important thing is to have Internet data to stay connected and thus update your networks, because you will be the boom with the desert on the front page.

Deserts of Morocco in the Sahara

Let’s locate ourselves a little, the Sahara desert, located in Africa, is one of the main attractions of Morocco, but beware it does not belong only to this country, by its 9 million km ² it shares its extension with Egypt, Tunisia, Sudan, Libya, Mali, Niger, Mauritania and Algeria.

The Sahara Desert being the largest in the world, it becomes the ideal tourist site to relax and have a privileged connection, especially on the Moroccan side, with its two main zones or deserts: Merzouga and Zagora.

To get to the deserts of Morocco, you can start from Marrakech, which is the nearest city, although you can also do a route from Fez.

Merzouga, the desert of advertising photos

If you are looking for majestic golden dunes, you should visit those of Erg Chebbi in the Merzouga desert, with its 150m high they look like mountains and it is the most impressive of the Sahara desert in Morocco. For this reason, these scenarios are used for advertising photos, so it’s time to feel like a model among these magic sands. Ready to have a photo book?

The excursion to the Merzouga desert from Marrakech lasts 9 hours and from Fez to the desert, 8 hours.

– “Erg”: It is called the places where the sand forms large dunes.

Shouts among the Dunes - «The Legend of Merzouga»

The Legend of Merzouga says that the inhabitants were having a party, when a woman and her children asked for help, when they were ignored, the inhabitants perished, because as a result a great sandstorm covered the city. For this reason, it is said that at noon, screams can be heard among the dunes. Are we going?

What to see in Merzouga

  • What you can see in Merzouga will be the esplanades of red and fine sand to jump, run or scream.
  • The Milky Way while you are lying on the sand, is a spectacle that you will always remember on your trip through the desert of Morocco.
  • Camel caravans walk in rows until they enter the camps in the middle of the desert.
  • Moroccan Arabic decoration, either in the Berber camps or on the camels.
  • Watch the sunset as the locals prepare the bonfire to await the night. Later, it will be time for dinner.

Merzouga travel Attractions

  • Get on a camel, the time has come! The moment you were waiting for. It is the opportunity to take a dromedary walk.  Tip 1: Bend your legs, Tip 2: Get on and hold on to the handle, Tip 3: Talk to the camel. The truth is that there are no tips, just enjoy the heights and be free.

  • Put on a turban, it is not only about going to Morocco, but about becoming a Moroccan, for this you must have all your implements, starting with the turban. Ask a Moroccan to wear it to feel like a local. Also, tell him to show you how to make those laps with the fabric.

  • Tour the dunes in a 4 × 4 or on an off-road motorcycle. But, the best thing is to do it on foot and feel the deliciousness of the sand.
  • Dancing and listening to the music of the Gnawa village is what you should do. In addition, you can accompany the rhythm by singing.
  • Sandboarding consists of sliding down the dunes aboard. It will be an adrenaline experience.

Zagora Desert Travel blog

If you are going to travel to Zagora, the desert of Morocco, I guarantee you a space for rest, reflection and peace. You will find the small dunes of Tinfou that are more rocky and arid. Likewise, Moroccan food is one of its strengths due to its comfortable prices.

The excursion to the Zagora desert from Marrakech takes 6 hours by car, while by plane 1 hour and from Fez to the desert, 10 hours.

A curiosity that you will see in the Sahara desert is the rose of Jericho, which when drying forms a ball. However, when its branches find moisture again, they hydrate and regain their original shape.

What to see in Zagora

  • What you can see in Zagora are palm groves, dates, and Kasbahs.
  • Henna plants are the place of production of this natural reddish dye, used in a skin coloring technique called Mehndi.
  • The sunsets, appreciate them, and take some spectacular photos on your trip through the desert of Morocco. In the same way, seeing the sunrise is amazing.
  • The art of tea, they have a unique way of serving it. They place the kettle high up and from there with amazing precision they drop it into thin glasses. Cheers with tea!

Zagora travel Attractions

  • What you must do in Zagora is sleep in the Jaimes or Haimas, live the experience of resting in these tents as the Bedouins did. There are cheap haimas from € 15 to those with private bathroom and even air conditioning.
  • Get a Henna tattoo, they are done on the hands and are temporary. Each drawing has a different meaning, being used to protect against witchcraft or the evil eye. If you are thinking of having babies, do not hesitate to get tattoos because they also invoke fertility.
  • Visit the old Jewish quarter, you can tour the synagogue and see the manufacture of Berber symbols made by artisans. These attract good luck.
  • Tour the desert on a quad bike at sunset or you can also do it riding a camel like the one in Merzouga.
  • Music nights, enjoy the best cultural exchange with people from other countries, locals. Between drums and percussion enjoy the best night in the camp. In addition, you can dare to play one of their instruments.

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