Morocco Sahara Desert Tours

Select one of the best Morocco Sahara Desert Tours that will take you to the south of Morocco to discover the nomads people and riding camels.

Morocco Sahara Desert Tours

Morocco Desert Sahara Tours are so many, and from here you can choose what your mind needs, there are Desert Morocco Tours from Marrakech and also Morocco Desert Tours from Fes, and Morocco Desert Tours from Casablanca with Desert Morocco Tours from Tangier. we divided a Morocco Desert Tours to make what you search for easy to find your tour.

Sahara Desert Morocco Tours from Marrakech

book one of our Morocco Desert Tours from Marrakech and enjoy the true essence of this vast land at an inclusive price that you can afford.

With only 2-10 people in each group, you can meet and travel with like-minded people from different countries. Our “Marrakech Tour Company” cater to travelers who want to camp in the Morocco Sahara desert and see the best of what Morocco has to offer during their time here.

These are the most popular and recommended Desert Morocco Tours from Marrakech.

These tours include the 2 Days Marrakech desert tour, which is a flat rocky desert than sandy. The 3 Days desert tour from Marrakech to the high dunes of Erg Chebbi dunes in Merzouga then 4 Days desert tour from Marrakech to Merzouga to 12 Days Morocco Desert Tour, which covers the Atlas Mountains, Ouarzazate, and gorges.

We will take care of your Morocco Desert tour planning, along with your accommodation, and do everything according to your travel wishes and needs, and we aim to please you.

Our professional travel consultants have years of experience and can provide you with the tour that suits your requirements, be it a small group Desert Tour or a tailor-made private Desert Morocco Tour on a budget.

Sahara Desert Tours from Fes Morocco

Book one of our Morocco desert tours from Fes and enjoy the true essence of this vast country at an inclusive price that you can afford. With only 2-10 people in each group, you can meet and travel with people with similar views from different countries.

Our «Marrakech Tour Company» is aimed at travelers who want to camp in the Morocco Sahara desert and see the best that Morocco has to offer during their stay here.

These are the most popular and recommended Desert Morocco tours from Fes. These tours include  3 Days desert tour from Fes to the high dunes of Erg Chebbi dunes in Merzouga then 4 Days desert tour from Fes and 5 Days from Fes also 6 Days with 8 Days and 10 Days, covering the Atlas Mountains, Ouarzazate, and Gorges.

We will take care of your planning of visits to the Morocco Desert as well as your accommodation, and we will do our best according to your wishes and travel needs, and our goal is to please. Our professional travel consultants have years of experience and can provide you with the tour that suits your needs, whether it’s a small group Morocco desert tour or a bespoke Moroccan private tour on a budget.

Morocco Sahara Desert Tours from Casablanca

Our Morocco Desert tours from Casablanca are tailor-made for couples, and families, also ideal for small groups and independent travelers coming to Morocco.

Our experienced Morocco guides and drivers are professionals to make your travel comfortable. Marrakech Tour Company specializes in custom Morocco Desert Tours from Casablanca around the High Atlas mountains, Atlantic coast, Sahara desert, and Imperial cities in Morocco.
Marrakech Tour Company offers a once-in-a-lifetime travel experience. You will explore Morocco with our variety of holidays and we invite you to explore our country, outside the tourist sites and learn about the traditions and culture of the people who live here. You will be glad of choosing us!

Sahara Desert Tours Morocco from Tangier

“Marrakech Tour Company” offers Morocco Desert Tours from Tangier for singles, couples and families also group tours. If you are planning a holiday, Morocco is the best place to spend an unforgettable experience. Make sure your trip to Morocco will include a hint of tips from Morocco Desert Tours. If you dream of discovering exotic horizons, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to plan your next trip to Morocco as simple or as luxurious as you wish, tailored to your budget and interests.

“Marrakech Tour Company” has a great experience in organizing desert Morocco tours according to the budget of each person, as many individuals as groups, Join us or live and share moments with nomadic desert families…

Destinations of Morocco

Marrakech Morocco

Marrakech is An imperial town in the south founded by the Almoravids in 1170, next to the rocky hill of Gueliz, is a confluence of streets and is surrounded by beautiful palm trees. Its adobe color indicates the proximity of the great Sahara desert. Keep reading Our Morocco Desert tours Destinations

It was the capital of Morocco during the Almoravid, Almohade, and Alawi dynasties until the arrival of the French settlers, then would have been called the country kingdom of Marrakech and Morocco derivation.

Today, it is a mythical city, cultural capital, inspiring fashion artists and events, and a tourist center of first order worldwide declared World Heritage by Unesco. Book One of Our Desert Morocco Tours.

Historical-cultural tourism, visiting the Jemaa el Fna square, the Medina with its monuments and surroundings. You will explore many things in your Morocco Desert Tours

Visit its museums, in the medina, the Museum of Marrakech, a 19th-century palace, next to the mosque of Ben Youssef, the Museum of Photography, Tiskiwin House Museum of Arab Culture, Dar Did Said Museum of Moroccan Arts, Dar Bellarj Foundation Museum, Modern Art, Nawahi Jewelry Museum, Boucherouite Museum of Rag Rugs, Perfume Museum, and Women’s Museum. don’t forget to reserve your Desert Morocco Tours from Marrakech

Outside the medina, the Museum of Islamic and Moroccan Art in the gardens of Majorelle, near this Yves Saint Laurent Fashion Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, the Museum of the painter Farid Belkahia, La Ensemble Artisanal, the place where artisans work, Palm Grove Museum, contemporary art, recently opened Water Museum and the Atlas Golf Marrakech Cultural Center, dedicated to nature, on the way to Amizmiz. etc. Best activities after your Morocco desert tours.

make an activity after finishing the Desert Morocco Tours from Marrakech, Ride in a horse carriage through its walls, and squares, and in the Palmeral, where we can climb on a camel.
Leisure and fun tourism in its many luxury hotels, restaurants, amusement park, water park, shows, casinos, cabaret, discos, and clubs.
Shopping tourism, handicrafts and art galleries, and typical Moroccan products.

Rest and relaxation in the surroundings, hotels in the palm grove, lakes or mountains, the classic Arab baths “Hammans”, which abound in the city, and the modern spa, saunas, etc. BOOK one of Our Morocco Desert Tours from Marrakech.

Fes Morocco

in these Morocco Desert Tours, you will know the city of Fes which is the imperial city of Morocco’s religious, cultural, and intellectual capital and its largest center of crafts.
It is of great tourist interest for its medina, of medieval origin, the best and largest in Morocco. His university, whose creation predates the Sorbonne of Paris, radiates its influence throughout the country.
Its location is privileged, in the eastern part of the Sais plateau, at 500 meters altitude, in the corridor of the routes of Taza-Oujda to the east, the Rif, to the north, the Atlas and the Sahara to the south, and the Atlantic coast to the west. you will explore all that in your Desert Morocco Tours.
It is a regional administrative capital, religious and university center, and one of the main tourist destinations in the country, as well as an important agricultural, industrial, artisan, and commercial center.
With a population of 800,000, it is one of the most important cities in Morocco and the capital of the Fes-Boulemane region, with two provinces in the capital and the province of Moulay Jakob. don’t hesitate to book your Morocco desert tours from Fes

Discover Fes in Morocco Desert tours Itinerary

In addition to Your Morocco Desert Tours, its spectacular Medina, which we deal in a specific report, Fez is an ideal place to buy handicrafts for the wide variety of objects and their quality, being the most important manufacturing center, especially leather goods, ceramics, blankets, furniture, and objects made of brass. all this, you will discover it after your Desert Morocco Tours from Fes.

Other outstanding values are its numerous Festivals.
The best known is the Festival of Sacred Music of the World, of great international prestige, Other events of interest.
Festivals of Sufi and Berber cultures.
Amazigh Culture Festival. in September.
Culinary Art Festival, specializing in Moroccan cuisine and other parts of the world.
Mal-Houn National Art Festival, (musical), in May.
International Theatre Festival, in summer.
Fes Fashion Day is dedicated to the fashion of party costumes.
The religious Moussem of Muley Idris. founder of Morocco.
Ti-slit rural festival Aïn Chegag, in this village 10 km, near the Atlas.
The Fes Craft Fair.

It is a sports center with interesting golf options (Royal Golf de Fes), riding in the equestrian center of Ain Amair, tennis at the Academy of Henri Leconte, and hunting in the vicinity.
Enjoy also the traditional Hammam in the medina and the modern Spa of its luxury hotels.

Morocco Casablanca: sightseeing Tour

Casablanca is the main and largest city in Morocco, with more than three million inhabitants. It is the first port industrial and commercial center in the country.

it is surrounded by the plain of Chauia, and Located on the Atlantic coast, it has a great mild climate all year round. With a cosmopolitan and westernized atmosphere, it is the modern face of present-day Morocco, although it conceals intense social problems as a result of its rapid growth and strong immigration.

Administratively it forms a commonwealth, Gran Casablanca, with 7 provinces.

About 60% of Moroccan companies and most banks are present in Casablanca. Its Mohammed V Airport is a very important communications center with Europe, mainly France and the rest of Africa. There is an important business center, as well as large spaces dedicated to the organization of fairs, congresses, and exhibitions to celebrate all kinds of events regardless of their size. enjoy Our Morocco Desert Tours from Casablanca
Its port is the second most important in North Africa and receives 60% of the national maritime traffic, berthing numerous tourist cruises.

It is a city built by the French around the Place de France, born of a popular walk existing next to the walls of the medina (square of the Souk). In these neighborhoods stands out the modern architecture of the 1930s, known as art deco, designed by architects from France, Algeria, and Tunisia, with buildings of French influence, but respecting Moroccan architectural traditions. BOOK OUR MOROCCO DESERT TOURS FROM CASABLANCA.

Tangier Morocco

It is the Moroccan capital of the strait, a large city in North Africa, and the gateway to the continent, which is undergoing rapid transformation into a modern metropolis. It is located on the coast of the Gibraltar Strait, at the western end of its name’s bay.

Tangiers is Morocco’s second-largest economic center after Casablanca. It has the great port of Tangier Med, and its industrial activity is diversified, Textile, chemical, mechanical, automotive, and naval metallurgical, mainly. The city currently has four industrial parks of which two have the status of the free zone: the free zone of Tangier and the free port zone.

The current Tangier-Métropoli project will create an industrial zone, in Beni Makada south of the city and a high-speed line Casablanca-Tangier. The Palace of Arts and Cultures and a large theatre will be built to reconcile the city with its glorious cultural past.

The most recomended Desert in your Morocco Sahara Tours

Today we dedicate this publication to our travelers. Several times they write to us to make the Morocco Desert Tours from Marrakech or Fes, Casablanca, Tangier, and they ask us what differences there are between them. Here we will know a little more information so that each traveler can choose the Morocco Desert tour that best suits their needs or expectations.

The Sahara Desert covers more than 9 million square kilometers and covers several countries. Due to its strong tourist attraction and its millions of annual visitors, Marrakech is the main port of departure of the Desert Morocco Tours. The most important Morocco Sahara Desert is Merzouga and Zagora.

1 - Merzouga Desert

Merzouga in one of the best Morocco Sahara desert Tours

The desert of Merzouga or Erg Chebbi has located about 570 km from Marrakech, this desert is composed of large sand dunes (which can reach 150 meters high) and is the most impressive part of the Moroccan desert. are the dunes that we see in all the advertising claims of the Moroccan desert.

To get to Merzouga from Marrakech is need at least 3 days and 2 nights in your Morocco desert tours, although we always recommend you have time to do it in 4 days and 3 nights or more since the day of return is 570 km in the schedules, almost 9 hours of travel and becomes very tiring. But knowing this, each traveler is different, there are those who want to see a lot in a short time to enjoy their stay, and there are those who want to enjoy the environment and its landscapes and make the Morocco desert tour slower.

If you are going to travel with children through the desert tour of your Morocco desert tours, I advise you to do the 4-day route in order to shorten the distances and kilometers by car, and that the journey is not so boring, especially if they are young (from 1 to 6 years). Our desert Morocco Tours will show you more.

2 - Zagora Desert

The best Desert Sahara tour in Morocco to Visit Zagora

Morocco Desert Tours to Zagora. The desert of Zagora with its small dunes the closest to Marrakech, it is about 350 km (a journey of about 7 hours with stops included).

This makes this desert ideal for people with limited time (this Morocco desert tour can be done in a minimum of 2 days and 1 night).

Totally recommended for those who do not want to miss the experience of sleeping in the desert, take a camel ride and sleep in the desert camp.

Keep in mind this desert is much more arid and rocky, with dunes less spectacular than Merzouga, but it does not lack charm and great beauty.

It is not possible to do this tour in a day, so it is necessary to spend the night. you have to try one of Our Morocco desert tours because you won’t regret it.

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