Morocco Photography Expedition

Morocco Photography Expedition. symbolic Places: These are picturesque pictures if you didn’t take them. it looks like you were not in this place. Those you see in all media appear reproduced without contributing anything new. It would be appropriate to search for a new perspective, include an element in the frame that contributes to interest, or search for the right light (such as the sunset with a golden hour) to obtain a different picture from the rest.

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Morocco Photography Expedition and Places of meeting:

Those are where the daily life of the place takes place. The markets, with their coming, and the exit of people through their labyrinths in the streets, are suitable places to capture the activity of their residents, where the image does not focus on them but is part of the moment you discover Morocco.

To photograph travel Morocco, you must overcome your first instinct, which you will want to photograph everything and everyone, but before taking the first photo, try to understand their mentality and their habits. Be respectful.

If you want to reflect on aspects of daily life, its residents will be an element that brings strength and attention to the framework. At this point, it should be borne in mind that there are people who do not like to be photographed, among other reasons, because becoming a constant focus for almost all tourists on a daily basis is not easy. Concept.

So we have 3 options to get it:

“Stealing” the image. Try not to notice the photographer. For this, appreciation is the key, try to pass unnoticed, and avoid the flash taking into account that the use of telephoto lenses in these cases may not be a good idea, because it is quite scary, as well as the implication of traveling discomfort with weight photography equipment. If someone notices discomfort, the first thing is to apologize. In my own case, I chose a big smile, a gesture of “tolerance” and a “clumsy tourist” face.
Get permission. Without a doubt the best option. It starts with a smile, it’s the universal language. Looking at the person and viewing the camera may be more than enough to indicate that you want to take a picture, and you will be surprised by the ease with which it will be provided. Learn some words and phrases, and you will appreciate your sympathy and interest in the local culture. Your trip will be more enriching if you communicate with them, they will be ready to stand on your behalf and more naturally. It is the difference between being a traveler or a tourist. This direct contact will allow you to change the way you portray the profile picture. Thus you will have a story behind your image.
Pay. Yes, pay. We are in Morocco and you want to photograph Morocco, the nerve center of bargaining, and trade. Especially in the squares and markets, you will find people who will volunteer for a few dirhams or ask you after they are photographed. The average option is to take a photo of the sellers who have previously purchased.
Discover travel Morocco for photography and it will make your travel photos memories.

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