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We organize the best Tours from Marrakech for tourists who want to experience the beautiful Moroccan desert with minimal fees, maximum security, and full entertainment. We allow you to have a unique and incredible experience in the Sahara desert in Morocco riding camels in the Erg Chebbi dunes in Merzouga or the Chegaga dunes in Zagora, contemplate the Saharan sunset, meditate for hours, listen to the silence, dine under million stars, enjoy the drum party around the campfire and sleep in a traditional nomad tent.

Our best tours from Marrakech are managed by a team of professional drivers and guides who have been dedicated to the tourism sector for many years and pride themselves on showcasing the best of Morocco in terms of history, cultures and adventures where you can have fun and learn in the same time. Our services include transportation by minibus, minibus, or 4×4 vehicles for your off-road adventure: camel trekking to Erg Chebbi and Zagora and many other high-quality services at fair prices. We are ready to offer you the best day Excursions and day trips from Marrakech, so check our offers and come and have your best experience with us!


Explore the traditional buildings of Ait ben Haddou and The  Unesco world heritage site of these…


Visit the golden dunes of Merzouga desert with an amazing sunset with camel ride and sunrise…


Enjoy your desert tour from Marrakech to Fes. it will be a great moment while you explore the best places…


Explore the traditional buildings of Ait ben Haddou and The  Unesco world heritage site of these…


Explore the Beautiful places of Morocco, with these 5 days from Marrakech to Fes, you will visit amazing cultures…


Get your 5 days from Marrakech to Merzouga desert, and explore many amazing places, the UNESCO worl…


On this 6 days tour from Marrakech to Casablanca, you’ll Discover a millenary culture with a great…


Let us discover what will make us happy, we will see amazing places that you have not seen it yet in Mor…


Enjoy this long tour that will take 9 Days From Marrakech Via Merzouga Desert To Casablanca and End in Marrakech…


Enjoy this long tour that will take 10 Days in Morocco to discover many beautiful places, our trips…


During 11 days Morocco Imperial Cities and Merzouga Desert including Casablanca – Rabat – Chef…


During 12 days tour from Marrakech to Imperial Cities and Merzouga Desert including Casab…

NOTE: If these Best Tours From Marrakech don’t match what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will prepare the trip for your needs and requirements.

Shared Marrakech Desert Tours

Marrakech Tour Company offers shared Morocco desert tours from Marrakech to allow travelers to share costs and enjoy the best of the group and private tours. Our groups are limited to 8 people to maintain the quality of service. The prices may seem a bit higher than the competition, but you get what you pay for and maybe more. Our group tours follow the same rules and philosophy as private tours with no forced purchases, no tourist traps, no hidden fees, and flexibility. Booking is very easy and straightforward and cancellation is even easier. Join us or contact us and add yours to the list, share the fun, share the costs!

We understand that the use of animals is not essential to the Sahara desert experience and may not match your values. Therefore, you can walk with the camel. We are happy to walk alongside you or provide 4X4 transportation to camp. If you want to observe and photograph animals in their natural environment, we can take you where you are likely to find them.

Get to know More about Marrakech

Marrakech has beautiful landscapes and a rich historical and cultural heritage, offering visitors everything they could wish for. Rue Guéliz offers you a modern infrastructure, boutiques of international and luxury brands along wide avenues. Enjoy the beautiful Moroccan architecture by visiting the old quarter of Jemma el-Fna and the nightlife of Marrakech by visiting the trendy and traditional nights which show the joy of living in Marrakech. Stroll through the old medina with its small lively streets with elegant colors and an oriental scent.

Best Morocco Tours from Marrakech
Morocco Sahara desert Tours from Marrakech

Marrakech is a city in southern Morocco, and it was its capital during the Almoravid, Almohad and Alawite dynasties, until the arrival of the French colonizers. The country was called the Kingdom of Marrakech, from which the name Morocco comes.

It is one of the imperial cities of Morocco, a world famous city, a regional commercial center and a great artisan and religious center. Today it is a cultural city, a source of inspiration for artists, a pioneer, host to major events and, of course, a top tourist destination.

What to see in Marrakech

The city is made up of the medina, the colonial city and the new Hivernage district, which is the most modern in Marrakech. There are many attractions in and around the city.

The Medina:

The medina is a conglomerate of narrow, bustling streets with many souks and squares full of life, craftsmanship and tradition. It is surrounded by 90 kilometers of adobe walls and has 10 gates.

Entering through the Bab Al-Jdid gate, you will come to the Koutoubia Mosque and Jemaa el-Fna Square. The Koutoubia Mosque is one of the most impressive in the world. It was built in the Hispano-Moorish style and its minaret is the symbol of the city. It is reminiscent of the Giralda in Seville and is surrounded by palm trees and crowned with four bronze orbs.

Next to the mosque is the legendary Jemaa el-Fna square, one of the most visited sites in Morocco. It is full of stalls of all kinds, wise men, magicians, snake charmers, contortionists and even people who spontaneously add to the craziness of the place.

the 10 best Morocco Tours from Marrakech
best tours from Marrakech

To the east of the Medina is the tanners’ quarter, where the best artisans in the country are to be found. There is also the Ben Youssef Mosque and the Madrasa, the largest in the medina, and one of the most beautiful buildings in the city, as well as the Marrakech Museum.
To the south are the 12th century Agdal Gardens, a very peaceful place full of greenery, including huge olive and fig trees.
Entering through the Bab Agnaou gate, you will find the El-Mansour Mosque, nicknamed the “Golden Apple Mosque”.
Through the Bab Aylen or Bab Berrima gates you can access the 16th century El Badi Palace, one of the wonders of the Muslim world, although today it is mostly in ruins. It is worth climbing its walls to enjoy the view of Marrakech.
The famous Mamounia Hotel, one of the most luxurious in the world, is also worth a visit. It is an old palace, where many international personalities have stayed. Its original rooms are decorated with different patterns and some have a view of the Koutoubia Mosque and others of the gardens.

Outside the medina:

Outside the medina is the modern city, built during the French protectorate and made up of wide avenues, with attractions such as Avenue Mohammed V, with its official buildings, banks, hotels, and cafes. The center of the modern part of the city is the large square, which houses the Majorelle Garden, an oasis full of fruit trees and flowers, and the large central market.
There is also the Hivernage, which is the most modern part of Marrakech, with spacious and urbanized streets. This is where the famous Pacha Marrakech club is located.
And on the outskirts of Marrakech, you can visit the Palmeraie, an oasis with almost 150,000 palm trees.

Shopping in Marrakech

Marrakech is one of the commercial and artisan capitals of Morocco, perhaps because of its large tourist influx. Typical products of the city include fabrics such as rugs, leather goods, metal goods and jewelry such as traditional Moroccan lanterns, and silver and copper items. Carved jewelry decorated with gold is also typical.

Morocco sahara desert tours from Marrakech
Tours from Marrakech

The most interesting places for shopping are health and beauty stores. There are argan oil products and even unlikely miracle cures.
If you want to shop in the medina, the souks are right in the middle. We recommend the Smarine fabric souk, the Figarine forge souk and the dyers’ souk where wool of all colors is allowed to dry.

What is the difference between small group, private and luxury tours?

We offer a wide selection of Moroccan guided tours that will help you embrace different possibilities, opinions, religions, customs and interests. To satisfy the needs of our clients, we organize three types of Tours; small group tours, private tours and luxury tours. The first has minimal costs and introduces you to other different cultures, how? sharing tours with small groups of travelers from all over the world. In the second, private tour, you travel at your own pace and that when selecting lodges and camps where to stay throughout the tour as in the luxury tour, the only difference is in the quality of the accommodation, the star rating of the hotels. In other words, we offer you in luxury tours a unique selection of charming hotels and luxury camps in Morocco with unique performances.
Depending on your budget and wishes, you can choose any tour you want, so let’s do it together!

The Sahara Desert is the most sought after and visited place in Morocco. We make your desert tours and day trips hassle-free. We organize your desert trip every day from Marrakech and Fez due to the large volume of requests received and we attend to all your needs. We like to plan personalized tours for our clients. Our company pays special attention to the interests of the travelers, the budget and the number of participants to customize the most entertaining Marrakech desert trip. We have been running the Sahara desert in Morocco from Marrakech and Fez for a long time and we are proud to say that we have a 100% customer service satisfaction rate due to our professionalism and sincerity at work.

The Best selling of Marrakech desert Tours Itineraries

Discover the extraordinary Sahara Desert on a trip through the Moroccan desert, we will start from the magical world of Marrakech to reach the Erg-Chebbi and Merzouga desert. We will explore the alluring Sahara on camel back and the ocher-colored villages located in the Atlas Mountains, among lunar landscapes, incredible canyons and clay kasbahs. Our desert tours also start from Fez to Merzouga via the Middle Atlas mountains.


Visit the golden dunes of Merzouga desert with an amazing sunset with camel ride and sunrise…


Enjoy your desert tour from Marrakech to Fes. it will be a great moment while you explore the best places…


Explore the traditional buildings of Ait ben Haddou and The  Unesco world heritage site of these…


Explore the Beautiful places of Morocco, with these 5 days from Marrakech to Fes, you will visit amazing cultures…

Best Merzouga Activities you may be interested in after your Sahara Desert Tours

Merzouga or the Moroccan Sahara is one of the most important destinations in Morocco! For its magic golden dunes called Erg Chebbi and also because it has a stinning sunsets and sunrises in the world. There is much to do in Merzouga (the Erg Chebbi desert), which has made the region and Morocco a Tourism Destination.

No trip to Morocco completed without visit Merzouga and its amazing desert. So if you are decided to visit Morocco, Merzouga is the most place for choosing. There are many things to do in Merzouga, Morocco for a complete desert experience that you will not forget. Below you will find the best things to do in Merzouga.

Join our Merzouga activities and day trips for an unforgettable outdoors and enjoy time in recreational activities and the best things to do in Merzouga. People go to the desert camp, hike or cycle, to spend, explore and experience the unique environment that can only be found in southwest Morocco and its deserts.


Rent Merzouga desert excursion 4×4 is a fast and fun adventure! you will have the chance…


1 hour Sahara Quad biking Adventures in Merzouga, it is amazing to experience…


2 nights Camel trekking in Merzouga desert is an experience that will take you to…


Sunset camel trek in Merzouga desert Erg Chebbi, this small tour of sunset camel ride…


Overnight Camel Trek Merzouga is an experience you will never forget, Camel ride…

Best Morocco Frequently Asked Questions

When Is the Best Time to Visit Morocco ?

Morocco is a fantastic place to visit at any time of the year! Due to the way the country’s geography is laid out, there is always a place where the climate is mild – in these places, you can go to escape the heat and enjoy the cooler weather and explore a new region.
Fez and Marrakech can be unbearably hot in the summer, so head to the hills! Summer is the best time to hike or explore the Atlas Mountains – here, the high altitude ensures cool fresh air and an occasional snowfall.
The Atlantic coast is warm in winter. Days can be hot, but bring a jacket as nights can be cold. Exploring the desert can be fun, but choose a guide or tour.

Is Morocco Safe Country?

As an economy, Morocco relies heavily on tourism to balance its financial needs. In other words, the Moroccan government needs tourists to feel safe while spending their holidays and their money on their land. For this reason, it dedicates a great amount of resources, especially human, to guarantee that all tourists are safe during their stay in Morocco; This includes the tourism police and highly trained guides who have been certified by the government after training. Regarding the rates of extremism and crime, we can say that the occurrence of such acts is like in many European countries, as many statistics show: low and rare.
Read more: Is it safe to travel to Morocco? The complete guide.

What are the official languages of Morocco?

The official languages are Tamazight and Moroccan Arabic, however, French is the recognized language of commerce and higher education. The Tamazight language is spoken by a large majority of Moroccans. The Amazighs are known to originate from North Africa, including Morocco. Due to its proximity to the southern coast of Spain, many people in the northern regions of Morocco speak Spanish, while English and German are often spoken in popular tourist destinations.

Will my cell phone work in Morocco?

Phones around the world, Blackberry, and iPhones can receive calls as long as international roaming is enabled. Check with your service provider to avoid high fees and high bills. If you plan to use a Moroccan prepaid SIM card with your GSM phone to make and receive calls during your stay in Morocco, you will need to make sure to unlock your phone before leaving the United States, Canada, or your home country. You can do this by calling your provider (they will generally unlock your US phone within half an hour of your call). The general telephone system in Morocco is a modern system with all the typical capabilities, however, the density is low with only 7 landlines available for 100 people. The number of mobile phone subscribers had reached 60% in 2007.

What airlines fly to Morocco?

Most major airlines offer services to/from Morocco. Popular airlines include:

Royal Air Maroc: operates direct flights from New York, Paris, Madrid, London, and most other European destinations.

Iberia: operates direct flights from Spain

Air France: operates direct flights from France

British Airways: operates direct flights from England

Ryan Air: First low-cost airline offering flights to major cities in Morocco from several European destinations.

What is the currency in Morocco?

The national currency is the Dirham (MAD).
The Dirham is officially designated as a closed currency, which means that it cannot be exchanged or purchased outside of Morocco.
While it is illegal to withdraw dirhams from Morocco, the import and export of currency are tolerated up to a limit of 1000 DH.
The best place to exchange money is at an authorized bank or exchange house.
Credit cards are accepted in hotels and many modern shopping centers, although you can get a better price for a cash transaction.
Credit card companies and/or your bank must be informed of the dates of your trip to Morocco so that your card is not rejected abroad. Notify the sender and provide him with a “telephone number where he can be contacted abroad.
Traveler’s checks are not recommended in Morocco and are becoming less and less useful; banks often charge high fees to change them.

Can I visit Morocco during Ramadan?

Visiting Morocco during Ramadan is not a bad idea as you think it is true that most cafes and restaurants are closed, but you can still get your own food and do almost the same activities that you will do at other times of the year. Ramadan or Ramazan is the Islamic holy month, in which Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset. Fasting means “nothing by mouth,” including food, water, and cigarettes. Ramadan dates change every year; see below for dates for 2021 and 2022. Some local cafes and restaurants close during the day; however, tourists should not fast and many cafes and restaurants remain open in tourist areas. During Ramadan, it is best to show respect by not walking in public while eating, chewing gum, smoking, or drinking (especially alcohol). You can eat or drink at your hotel or at a cafe/restaurant recommended by your guide. Your guide will organize lunches to facilitate your trip during Ramadan. During the month, you will find that tourist sites open at 9 a.m. M. And they close at 3 p.m. M. Getting staff home in time for breakfast, and stores tend to open late and close early. a chance for you to go shopping.
Ramadan dates:
April 12 to May 11, 2021

April 2 to May 1, 2022

Best Morocco day trips you may be interested in after your Marrakech Tours

The Best shared & Private Day Trips From Marrakech

Here at Marrakech Tour Company, we have designed an excellent selection of private Marrakech day trips for you to explore the stunning landscapes and interesting attractions inside and outside of Marrakech. So if you are looking for an exciting getaway from the bustling city, we have the best Marrakech day trips for you. Let our team of local experts help you plan the day trips to Marrakech of your dreams today!


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