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6 Days Desert tour from Fes to Merzouga Overview:

6 Days from Fes to Merzouga Desert tour will let you know an amazing experience, you will discover the middle Atlas Mountains with traditional buildings, Enjoy the Sahara desert and ride camels through the sound dunes to see the beautiful sunset, and stay overnight at the desert camp, your night will be a fantastic experience.

6 Days Desert tour from Fes to Merzouga Info:

+ Duration: 6 Days & 5 nights
+ Departure: 08:00 am
+ Starting Location: Fes
+ Ending Location: Fes

6 Days from Fes to Merzouga Desert tour's Highlights:

+ Visit Fes and get to know its culture
+ Drive through the middle Atlas Mountains to the Merzouga desert
+ Ride a camel in Merzouga while assisting a dramatic sunset
+ Sleep under the stars in Erg Chebbi Sahara camp

6 days Fes desert tour to Merzouga Itinerary

day 1: Arrival in Fes

On the first day of Our 6 Days desert tour from Fes to Merzouga, we will pick you up at the airport, and transfer you to the hotel, depending on the time of arrival, and the possibility of having first contact with the visit to the city.

Day 2: Visiting of Fes

An entire day devoted to discovering the most intellectual city in the kingdom. There are many monuments that you can visit: Medersas (Koranic Schools): Chahrij, Bouinania Attarin. Souks, Fes El-Jedid, the Karaouine Mosque (the first university in the world).

Day 3: Fes - Ifran - Cedar Forest - Midalet - Merzouga

After breakfast, we will start Our third day of 6 day Fes Desert tour to Merzouga Sahara, departing to Merzouga via Ifrane. We will cross the Cedar Forest to the Ziz Valley and Tafilalte. In the afternoon we will arrive at Merzouga desert camp and ride camels to spend the night under a nomadic tent. Dinner and accommodation in the Tents.

Day 4: Merzouga - Erg Chebbi Dunes.

You are already in the desert! … enjoying the magic of the dunes … In the morning after admiring the beautiful image of sunrise in the dunes we return to the hotel with the camels, we take the 4 × 4 and we will meet these lands: the lake or Dayet Srji full of flamenco, to the house of a family of Gnawa or Bambara musicians, descendants of slaves who came from Black Africa, and who will delight us with their traditional music. We will enter the dunes, where the Paris – Dakar passes, we will meet some semi-nomadic families who live as they can in that sea of ​​sand and stone … A real adventure !! In the afternoon we will return to the hotel where we will spend the night

Day 5: Merzouga - Middle Atlas - Fez

After breakfast depart to Fes, via Rissani, the former economic capital of Morocco. We will continue towards the Ziz Valley, passing through Tafilalet and enjoying its panoramic views of Palmerales and Gorges. We will arrive at AZROU, contemplating the wonderful landscapes of the Middle Atlas and the Forest of the Cedars, with an obligatory stop to see the monkeys living in freedom. Then we will pass through IFRANE (the so-called “Moroccan Switzerland”) and arrive in the afternoon in Fez.
that’s our second last day of 6 days from Fes to Merzouga desert tour.

Day 6: Fez - Airport

Transfer to Fez airport at the agreed time, and the end of our 6 Days Fes desert tour to Merzouga.

6 Days Fes desert tour to Merzouga includes

6 Days Fes desert tour to Merzouga Excludes


If this 6 Days Desert Tour from Fes to Merzouga does not match what you’re looking for, Contact us and we will prepare the trip to your needs and requirements.

6 Days Tour from Fes to Merzouga desert Reviews

6 Days from Fes to Merzouga desert tour 

We are two friends that did the shared tour from Fes desert tour to, Merzouga together with two other persons and our amazing driver Hassan. We felt really safe with him because he drove really well and the car was big and comfortable.
He showed us all the important and most beautiful spots and explained a lot about the country and its culture. We would highly recommend driving with Hassan (we went with him also to Chefchaouen when we Finish our shared 6 days desert tour to Merzouga). Thanks for the amazing experience!!
The places to sleep were always clean and good. We were really impressed by the desert tour and the camel ride. All the people that we met were so nice and open/happy to share their stories!
Don’t hesitate to book a tour with Hassan!

David K. January 2023

6 Days Desert tour from Fes to Merzouga

First, we cannot say enough incredible things about Hassan. He was really friendly and had tons of local knowledge and history to share along the tour. This experience was easily the highlight of our trip, we felt like we saw a lot of Morocco. Seeing, the dunes, riding the camels, taking the tour around the desert and we know some nomadic people, Gnawa Khamliya which is Berber Music, was an incredible memory that no one should miss out on.

We even had the perfect timing of using Hassan for our one-day tour to Chefchaouen, which was another highlight worth considering from Fes. The company was fast to reply, accommodating, and friendly. Would highly recommend this tour and company to anyone coming to visit Morocco.

Anuel D. February 2023

Best 6 Days Desert tour from Fes to Merzouga

The 6-day tour from Fez was a magical experience for me and my friends, as there are no words to describe the beauty of the Sahara desert. The tour was very convenient even though it was a long trip to the Sahara desert and the tour guides were very helpful. We had a great time overnight at the camp because of the delicious dinner, great Moroccan music, and fun puzzles. We were the only group in the camp, but the camp staff went out of their way to accommodate and entertain us during our time there.

Highly recommend This tour.

Rayan CH. December 2022

Places to see on your 6 Days Desert trip from Fes to Merzouga Sahara

Fes Morocco:

An enchanting city in the north-east of Morocco, Fez has always been considered one of the country’s most emblematic cities since its founding in 789. Declared an official capital on several occasions, notably in the Middle Ages and in the 19th century, its status as a cultural and spiritual capital gives it its aura.

Morocco’s traditional capital, in a crossroads, religious, tourist and university centre, Fez offers a varied urban landscape, witness to a rich history: Fas al-Bali, the ancient city, site of the Qarawiyyin mosque and souks; Fas al-Djadid («New»), where the royal palace is located; the modern city, European style, with some industries.

Ifrane Morocco:

Ifrane is a beautiful village located 65 kilometers south of Fez. Clean and pleasant, Ifrane has parks, lakes and alpine houses, which is why the village is nicknamed “Moroccan Switzerland”.

Cedar Forest of Azrou:

The most famous inhabitant of these forests is the Grand Cedar Gouraud, the largest thousand-year-old cedar in the region. Unfortunately, he died a few years ago from a plague of processionary caterpillars.

What about Azrou?

If you want to visit the city, the most interesting part is the small medina, where you can find shops and workshops for wood sculptures.

How to get to Azrou from Fez?

Book an excursion from Fez to Azrou: the easiest way to get to Azrou from Fez is to book an excursion. On a day trip, you can visit not only the famous cedar forest but also places such as Sefrou and Ifrane.
Grand Taxi: Grand Taxi takes about 1 hour to reach Azrou and costs between 35 DH (3.20 US$) and 45 DH (4.10 US$) per passenger.
Bus: The price of buses between Fez and Azrou is 35 DH (3.20 US$) per trip and lasts two hours. There are three passes per day. CTM Web
Book a taxi for the whole day: the price of this option is about 120 € (117,10 US$) per trip or 30 € (29,20 US$) per person if you are traveling more than five. The service will be similar to that of excursions, with the difference that the cars are old.
Renting a car: the final price is almost identical to that of a car with a driver and driving through Morocco is complicated.
Don’t forget that if you arrive in Azrou by public transport, you will have to take a taxi to get to the forest.

Ziz Valley ( Oasis ):

Valley of Ziz is a river in the south of the Kingdom of Morocco. Its source is in the Mediterranean Atlas mountains of Morocco and is located in the Sahara desert. Important cities on the Ziz River include Rashidiya, Erfoud, and Sijilmasa.

At the bottom of the gorges of valley of Ziz through the rocks to Rashidiya, the river stretches across a vast plain that houses one of the largest oases in Morocco. Here, the visitor finds countless landscapes, historical sites, cultural discoveries, as well as huge rural opportunities, putting this oasis of the song at the heart of the social and economic development of Tafilalet.

Erfoud, gate of the sahara desert:

Erfoud City is characterized by the density of its palms, which covers large areas of its fields, most of which depend on agriculture and livestock husbandry. The marble industry is known for its “dates season”, which takes place on October 27-29 every year.

Merzouga, Erg Chebbi Desert:

Erg Chebbi is a part of the Sahara desert, but there is plenty of room to get out and feel alone in the world. Also called the Merzouga Desert, a city in southeastern Morocco, this oasis of peace runs on a strip about 20 kilometers long and about five kilometers wide.

Adventure Activities:

Of course, the desert also provides great inspiration for a number of adrenaline-supported activities. If you prefer to excite the engine over walking beauty trains in Marzouga, opt for a quad bike tour instead.

Trips can last for a few hours or several days, but they all give you the opportunity to have some off-road fun. Those with steel codes can try their hands at sand skiing or sand skiing – such as traditional snow skiing, very hotter and without the comfort of a ski lift!

Hot air balloon riding can be arranged on the dunes sea. Despite the price tag, watching the splendor of the desert from the perspective of a unique eye bird is an experience unparalleled in age.

Rissani City:

Visiting the city of Riesani, 35 km from Merzouga and 20 km from Erfoud, is a unique experience, with time travel combined with diving into Morocco’s most prestigious market.

Old Market:

Rissani is the heart of regional trade, thanks to its 1,000-fragrant market. The market space is a place for meeting and exchanging, where drivers (traders) from hundreds of nearby mansions receive their arrival.

On Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday in particular, there is exceptional movement in the market. It is characterized by its clock, and by its inclusion of several distinct sectors, called spheres, i.e. squares. Traders offer their varied commodities, both local and imported, to meet the population’s daily needs.

At the Covered Roads Forum, dates, grain welcome, livestock welcome, foodstuffs on offer, traditional product market, clothing, and household apparel shops, blacksmiths, and carpentry workshops are welcome. The market also has a dedicated place for services such as restaurants serving the region’s delicious authentic (stuffed bread).

It is also worth mentioning the attitude of merchants and visitors, where donkeys and mules are crowded with dozens of wondrous noises.

A tour of this market shows the visitor how important it is for economic activity on the part of the visitor, and it returns memory to a momentous record at its height.

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Private and group Tours from Fes are very popular on our trips to Morocco. When it comes to Moroccan cities where people fly, we are talking about the cultural city of Fez and Marrakech. Therefore, our team of tour operators “MTC” has designed various routes according to the orders of some old customers. If you want to customize an itinerary for different cities or destinations, please contact us.

Our Desert Tours from Fes are suitable for couples, families, and small groups, and we can also organize a private tour ourselves.