Best places to visit in Morocco

In this article you will know the best places to visit in Morocco, such as Casablanca, Marrakech, Merzouga desert, Fes, Rabat, Tanger…etc

Best places to visit in Morocco

The best places to visit are in Morocco, Morocco should be among the countries on the top of the list of countries you intend to visit. Tourism in Morocco has a special charm, fun, and excitement that you will not find in many countries. 

It has a little imagination, and it is enough for the vast desert scene that makes you look like a real wali movie due to its magnificence and charm. In this article, get to know The best places to visit in Morocco that you should visit during your trip.

Morocco is distinguished by many tourist places, among which are the following:

Best Places to visit in Marrakech Morocco

29 hermosos lugares que visitar en Marruecos Marrakech

Marrakech: the medina city par excellence of the Moroccan Maghreb. A unique piece of the crown of the Almoravid dynasty, it stands sparkling in shades of ochre and beige stone under the glistening peaks of the Atlas Mountains.

It is the most popular place to visit in Morocco, and it is the fourth largest city in the country. One of the four imperial cities, It also contains a variety of historical sites and modern areas, which includes two regions, which are the following:

The city:

It is distinguished by its interlocking passageways and its character-filled shops.


It is the opposite of the city. It contains modern buildings, fast food restaurants, and urban restaurants.

Jemaa El Fna Square

At its heart is the colossal Jemaa el-Fna square, the busiest in Africa and the center of a large bazaar where everything, from hand-woven carpets, mingles with shisha and golden lanterns that swing.


Meanwhile, the medina is also full of Arab riad houses, their courtyards hide tea rooms scented with mint or some of the tastiest tajines you can discover. Not to mention the royal palaces and the Bahia, remains of the sultans and viziers who ruled these lands.

The Koutoubia Mosque

It’is an architectural jewel of the city of Marrakech. It is a Sunni mosque dating from the 12th century, witness to the art of the Almohads. Impossible to miss it with its large minaret on top of which believers are invited to pray.

The Palace of the Bahia

The Palaces of Marrakech are all worth a visit. But the Bahia Palace (meaning Palace of the Beautiful, or the Brilliant) is one of the most beautiful palaces in the city.

Dating from the 19th century, and spread over no less than eight hectares, it is one of the major tourist attractions of Marrakech. In Moorish and Islamic style, it will charm you with its architecture and gardens.

The Saadian Tombs

In this place, discovered in 1917, holidaymakers can discover a large mausoleum housing the bodies of Saadians, an Arab dynasty whose reign dates back more than 350 years in Morocco. The decoration of the mausoleum is extraordinary and incredibly well-preserved. It will delight lovers of history and archaeology.

The Garden of Menara

Far from the center of Marrakech, the Menara Garden brings rest and relaxation, away from the bustle of the city center. A perfect destination to end the day and enjoy the quiet garden. Surrounded by vegetation, a body of water reflects the landscape, especially the Atlas Mountains.

El Badi Palace

Another great palace in Marrakech, the El Badi Palace impresses with its size. Built at the end of the 16th century, it was commissioned by the Saadian sultan Ahmed al-Mansur Dhahbî to celebrate his victory over the Portuguese army in a battle called «the Battle of the Three Kings».

The Jardin Majorelle

Unmissable in Marrakech, the Majorelle Garden is a botanical garden whose main building is painted in a very bright blue, which undoubtedly gives charm to this small park. But the Majorelle Garden is also, and above all, known for having belonged to the great couturier Yves Saint Laurent and his companion Pierre Berger.

Best Places to visit in Fes Morocco

50 cosas que ver y hacer en Fez

Fez has been the capital of Morocco for more than 400 years and is currently considered the cultural and religious center of the country, and the city center of Fez contains more than many narrow streets, number 9,000 narrow streets, and is characterized by its tanneries that are worth a visit, and the city is one of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

We will reveal the best places to visit in Fez with indescribable charms and reveal some tricks to help you enjoy your visit.

Follow the guide for a successful stay in Fez:

The Medina

Its fortified Medina full of history is the perfect illustration. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1981, it remains one of the most sumptuous and best preserved in the Arab world, hosting the main cultural institutions of the city.

The district of Tanners

Here, it is another new show orchestrated in the manner of a ballet that is offered to visitors. It is that of leather work, an ancestral art that has crossed time, that is anchored and that remains one of the immutable identity traits of Morocco, still on the agenda.

The Medersa Bou Inania of Fez

Built under the Merinid dynasty in 1350, this Koranic school is well worth a visit if you plan a visit to Fez. In fact, it is one of the only religious monuments to welcome all audiences.

Admire the Bab Boujloud door

Also called «The Blue Gate», it is considered one of the most magnificent monuments to contemplate in Fez. You cannot miss it, especially since it is close to other famous monuments such as the Bou Inania Madrasa or the Batha Palace.

Best Places to Visit in Agadir Morocco

Qué hacer y ver en Agadir en su visita a Marruecos

Agadir: it is an Amazigh name meaning the impregnable fortress and in another interpretation, the property storehouse or grain storehouse, and the city has been given several different names since the end of the fifteenth century AD, including what is local such as Agadir Iger, Agadir for Arab, Cursed for Arab, Fonte and Tekme Okder for Arab, and Tekme Oromey.

It is located 520 km south of the capital Rabat, overlooking the Atlantic coast. The city has 421,844 people, according to the General Population and Housing Census of 2014.
What distinguishes the city of Agadir, located on the western coast of the Atlantic, is its mild weather, the length of its beach extending over an area of ​​30 kilometers, which in turn is characterized by golden sands, and sunshine for 300 days a year.

Wondering what to see and do in Agadir? It’s here:

The Souk el Had

 you go to visit Agadir, spend a moment at the Souk is essential. The modern cachet of the Souk el Had differentiates it a little from other Moroccan souks, but is nonetheless authentic! This treasure in the heart of the city gathers more than 3000 shops in an area of 11 hectares. 

Here you will discover an authentic universe, alive, all in colors, where the scent of spices will enchant your senses. Undeniably one of the most lively and pleasant places in Agadir

The Kasbah Oufella

The Kasbah is an ancient fortification built by the king of Morocco Mohammed Ech-Sheikh in 1540 to protect the city from a possible Portuguese attack. The Kasbah was therefore placed at the top of the hill that you see in the photo above to make its access difficult to possible invaders.

The Medina Agadir Morocco

Your visit to Agadir would not be complete without a tour in the beautiful Medina of the city. Strangely, it is not as famous as the Medina of Essaouira, Fes or Marrakech. Yet, it is no less superb. But it is a medina of another kind because it does not correspond to the old city of Agadir but it is rather a new Medina.

Taghazout Beach

One of the most popular beaches in the area is Taghazout Beach about 20 kilometers north of Agadir city center. You can swim and enjoy the freshness of the Atlantic Ocean of Agadir Morocco.

Visit an Argan Oil Cooperative

As you may know, Morocco is known for producing argan oil of excellent quality. This oil is particularly known for its moisturizing and rejuvenating benefits on the skin. If you are interested, you can visit an argan oil cooperative in the Agadir region to see how this rejuvenating oil is made by hand.

The city center of Agadir

The tourist area of Agadir extends between the marina and the river and includes much of the city center and the beach of Agadir. It is the place most appreciated by tourists for several reasons.

Best Places to visit in Rabat Morocco

que hacer y ver en Rabat en su visita a Marruecos

Rabat: The city of Rabat is one of the largest cities in the Kingdom of Morocco and its political capital, it is an easy coastal city located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean and on the left bank of the mouth of the Abi Raqab River.

It established this unified city during the time of Sultan Yaqoub Al-Mansour Al-Muhadhidy in the middle of the twelfth century.

The city is also famous for making fabrics and fabrics Thus, due to the fact that it is the best tourist destination and destination in the world, a university called Mohammed V University is established, and we are the first modern university established in the Kingdom of Morocco.

The administrative city par excellence offers many advantages to its inhabitants and to the inhabitants settled in the many best districts of Rabat:


Chellah, or Chella, is the site of a Marinid necropolis located on the site of an ancient city, in the present city of Rabat, Morocco, about 200m from the Almohad ramparts.

 Chellah retains the remains of a Roman city. Excavations have revealed the presence of an agglomeration of some importance, that of the city mentioned under the names of Sala by Ptolemy and Sala Colonia on the road to Antonin.

The Royal Palace

The Royal Palace of Rabat, the capital of Morocco, is the country’s main royal palace and is also known as Dar El Makhzen.

It is considered more as an administrative building than as a residence of the king because it is in this palace that the seat of government was established.

Every day more than 2,000 people come to work. King Mohammed VI lives in his private residence near Rabat, more precisely in Dar Essalam.

The construction of the Royal Palace of Rabat was undertaken in the mid-19th century. However, it was not the first, and the one we know today was built on the ruins of the very first palace.

The Hassan Tower

The Hassan Tower is an emblematic tower of Rabat, the capital of Morocco, constituting the minaret of an unfinished mosque of the 12th century. The square tower is the minaret of a mosque built under Moulay Yacoub el Mansour, in 1196, under the Almohad dynasty. The tower measures 16 m20 wide and 44m high.

Its resemblance to the Koutoubia of Marrakech as well as the Giralda of Seville is striking, suggesting that its height should be about twice as large to respect the dimensions imposed by the Almohad architects. The walls are 2.5 m thick.

The columns recall the naves of the old mosque, they come from the site of Volubilis. Sawmaat Hassan should have been the largest mosque in Morocco. It never saw the light of day, the earthquake of 1755 ended up completely destroying the colonnades.

The Kasbah Oudayas

Kasbah Oudayas is located near Lake Bouregreg in Rabat. If there was only one thing to see in Rabat (what an absurd idea!), then you should visit the Oudaya! Built in the 12th century by the Almohads, originally called Mehdiya. It is the kasbah that gave its name to the city. The ribat is indeed a fortified convent and it is here that monks-soldiers settled who left for the holy war in Spain against the Christians.

Mohammed V Mausoleum

The royal tomb of Rabat is located on the esplanade of the Hassan Tower and the mouth of the Bouregreg River. The mausoleum houses the tombs of King Mohammed V, former Sultan Mohammed bin Youssef, and his sons, Prince Moulay Abdallah and King Hassan II.

Designed by Vietnamese architect Eric Vo Toan, it was built between 1961 and 1971, after 10 years of work with 400 Moroccan craftsmen. The building is characterized by its classic Arab-Andalusian style, in accordance with traditional Moroccan art.

This place is highly symbolic for the Moroccan people. It was here, in the Hassan Tower, that Mohammed V led the first Friday prayer, after his return from exile in Madagascar before the declaration of independence.

Best Places to Visit in Casablanca Morocco

Qué hacer en Casablanca y qué ver en su visita a Marruecos

Casablanca: It is the largest city in Morocco, as it is considered the main industrial zone in Morocco, and contains the new Medina neighborhood rich in charming French architecture, and the Hassan II mosque, which is considered the largest mosque in North Africa. Heading to the Moroccan Atlantic coast, we take you to visit Casablanca and its most emblematic places!

The majestic Hassan II mosque

The largest monument in the city, the majestic Hassan II Mosque is a must during a stay in Casablanca.
A multidimensional architectural masterpiece, the Hassan II Mosque overlooks the entire city of Casablanca. This imposing monument was completed in 1993.
With a space of 9 hectares, Hassan II Mosque also has the privacy of owning the world’s highest minaret (201 m). Not only that, the prayer hall can accommodate nearly 25,000 people.

The Mythical Place Mohamed V

It is a great place to relax with friends, family, lovers, or alone. You can go day or night. This mythical square is also famous for hosting almost all the administrative structures of Casablanca: the Courthouse, main post office, several banks, the French consulate, etc.

The Habous district

Construido en 1918 para albergar a familias de todo Marruecos, el distrito de Hapus es un ejemplo exitoso de una ciudad moderna que ha mantenido el estilo tradicional. Today live mainly traders and booksellers.
The best is still to get lost and take the opportunity to shop!

Visit of the elegant Sacred Heart Church

Built-in 1930, the Sacred Heart Church of Casablanca reveals a perfect mix of Gothic architecture and Art Deco.

This cathedral has remained without restoration in recent decades but has lost none of its beauty.

Morocco Mall Casablanca

Opened in 2011, Morocco Mall is the 20th largest mall in the world and the 2nd largest in Africa. A true national pride, it is a shopping paradise and one of the most important symbols of the economic dynamic of Casablanca.

Merzouga is the Best Place to visit in Morocco

Los mejores lugares para visitar en Merzouga Marruecos

Merzouga: It is a small village located in the southeast of Morocco. This city is famous for its vast sandy areas and the spread of what is known as the Best Places to visit in Morocco and the youth race.

Often presented as a comfortable and dusty city, Merzouga lies on the edge of the world-famous Sahara desert, which extends over most of the northern part of the African continent. Overall, Merzouga is a rather charming destination that offers a multitude of fun and exciting activities despite its humble nature.

In addition to the wonderful accommodations, private villas, and unpretentious hotels, Merzouga also invites visitors to come for a hot coffee in its wide range of internet cafes and fine restaurants.

Marrakech Tour Company, through its guide on Merzouga, offers you to discover the most beautiful places in the region, visit places steeped in history or try absolutely original activities during your trip! 

Here is the list of things to do, we put at your disposal to make your tourist stay in the Sahara unforgettable:

Experience a sunset camel ride in the Merzouga desert

Speaking of panorama and wilderness, you won’t believe your eyes when the sunlight begins to fade.

Indeed, some camel rides are organized to enjoy an incredible sunset. That’s why when leaving at the end of the day you start a walk of 1h30 during which you will observe the dunes change color over time.

This incredible natural spectacle may mark you forever. Take the opportunity to take some photos, the place is so conducive.

Spend a night in a desert camp

Many campsites have all the comforts of a real hotel room: bed linen, private bathroom, and catering. However, the hotels do not offer to spend a night in a tent where the natural music of the Sahara calms down.

This is a great experience that awaits you. First, you will arrive by SUV or camel. Then you can enjoy the sunset at the campsite. Then, after a delicious traditional dinner, you can sit around the warm fire. You will see beautiful starry skies with traditional music.

Enjoy Atv quad ride in Merzouga

The Erg Chebbi desert lends itself perfectly to this type of activity. In fact, the quad in Merzouga is the perfect activity for lovers of driving.

With the help of these motorized Atv Quads, you will drive through amazing places. You will walk through the sand dunes and cross desert rocky landscapes. Rough trails won’t scare you.

A guide will take you to isolated corners of nature. In addition, you will stop for tea from a Berber family. you will learn a little more about the local traditions and cultures. and with open arms, They will welcome you.

Go on a buggy tour in the dunes of Merzouga

Get off the beaten track and go on a great adventure in the dunes.

After a short introduction to driving this motor vehicle, you can travel long distances in the desert. Thus, you will see a maximum of things in a minimum of time.

This excursion will be accompanied by a guide, you will visit a Berber family. Moroccans are very attached to their customs. Therefore, you will share a mint tea with them before leaving for the road.

The desert offers many surprises. You’ill discover panoramic views during your excursion.

Chefchaouen is the Best Places to visit in Morocco

Qué hacer en Chefchaouen y qué ver en su viaje a Marruecos

Chefchaouen: it is one of the Moroccan cities located in the north of Morocco, known as Chaouen, with an area of ​​about 4.20 km², and a population of 42,786 people according to the last statistics in the year 2014 AD, the city is distinguished by its ancient history and its wonderful engineering construction Where it is famous for its blue and white buildings and walls, so it is called the Blue Pearl, and in this article, we will talk about its places to visit in your tour in Morocco.

The Kasbah, Chefchaouen

Visiting the Kasbah is a must if you are staying in Chefchaouen. Founded by Prince Ali ibn Rashid al-Alami, also known as Moulay Ali Ben Rached, in 1471, this fortress stands proudly along Outa El Hamam Square.

The Spanish mosque, Chefchaouen

If the great mosque of the city center is spectacular, the Spanish mosque is also worth a visit. Built in the 15th century by the Spanish during their occupation of the Rif Valley, it overlooks the city and its surroundings. An ideal spot to admire the sunset.

The medina, Chaouen

Prepare to dive into the azure ocean of the medina of Chefchaouen. Take the time to get lost in the maze of dozens of blue streets of the city to discover its many stalls overflowing with crafts and pieces of all kinds. A must-see walk.

Outa El Hamam Square

Outa El Hamam Square is the main square of the blue city. From here you can explore some of the highlights of Chefchaouen. Bordered by the walls of the Kasbah, Outa El Hamam Square is also close to the Great Mosque, the Medina, and the Ethnographic Museum.

Akchour Waterfalls

It will take you about 30 minutes to reach the village of Akchour by car from Chefchaouen. Between two and three hours of walking are then necessary to reach the waterfalls. But the game is worth it and the hike crosses beautiful landscapes. Don’t forget to venture to the famous Bridge of God, an amazing arch formed in the rock.

Essaouira Best Places to visit in Morocco

Essaouira Marruecos, lugares para visitar

With a pleasant climate all year round – the city is nicknamed the “city of the trade winds”, because of the winds that come to soften the heat of the southern lands – Essaouira is a paradise for kitesurfers and lovers of art and history. The port city offers a particularly pleasant stay, with various and varied activities.

Visit the fish market

In the wake of the fishing port, head for the Essaouira fish market, open every day. The flagship fish in Essaouira is sardine, but there are all kinds of fish to enjoy.

See the door of Bab el-Marsa

If there are many doors in Essaouira, the most monumental of them is certainly Bab el-Marsa, the “door of the navy”. Entirely built in stone, this Vauban-style door is recognizable by its fluted columns. You can not miss it, since it is the door that provides access to the port.

Visit the Medina of Essaouira

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and formerly known as Mogador (this name comes from the Phoenician word “Migdol”, which means “small fortress”), the Medina of Essaouira is a surrounded city by a Vauban-style wall, it fortified since the mid-eighteenth century. In the labyrinth of colorful narrow streets, you will discover many restaurants and traditional shops.

Climb the ramparts

At the end of the day, it is on the ramparts of Essaouira that you must go, to admire the sunset over the ocean. In general, it is a good place to see the port and the Medina from another angle. There are also still many guns directed towards the sea, vestiges of the time when Essaouira was the main port of Morocco.

Tangier is one of the Best Places to visit in Morocco

Qué hacer en Tánger y qué ver en su viaje por Marruecos

Tangier is located at the northern tip of Morocco, 250 km north of Rabat and 115 km northwest of Chefchaouen. The port of Tangier extends over a bay that leads to the Strait of Gibraltar, facing the Spanish coast. as it was of unparalleled economic and cultural importance. The city of the Roman Empire was for more than 200 years.

We will Help you plan your stay with our list of top attractions and Places to Visit in Tangier Morocco.

The Caves of Hercules

An archaeological site full of mystery, is certainly among the most beautiful and enigmatic places of Morocco, a lot of history romanticized this place.

These are natural limestone caves open to the sea, in which the latter enters at high tide. , you can take great pictures.

Visit The Medina of Tangier

Tangier has medinacontenu by the walls of a 15th-century Portuguese fortress, although most of the buildings are actually relatively young for a Moroccan medina.

The narrow and winding streets are lined with houses of various styles of pretty houses with typical and decorated colorful doors.

There are also many shopping centers and the traditional Moroccan souk.

La corniche Tangier Morocco

The cornice, extends from the cove of Merkala, next to the old mountain, to Cape Malabata, where the bay of Tangier ends where the Mediterranean Sea begins with its mixture of forests, cliffs, and sandy beaches.

La Corniche is the ideal place to enjoy the cuisine of the many restaurants over five kilometers long.

Cape Spartel

Cap Spartel is a place that charms and attracts all lovers of beautiful views. Lovers come to find tranquility and romance, photographers find beautiful landscapes to immortalize, and romantics find beautiful views to contemplate. Cape Spartel, also called Ras Spartel, is located 14 kilometers west of Tangier on the same road to the caves of Hercules.

Meknes Best Places to Visit in Morocco

Meknes was founded in the 10th century in the heart of the fertile plain of Saïs by the Meknassa, Zénète Berbers from the eastern steppes. An issue of dynastic struggles, the city was destroyed and raised by the Almoravids in 1069, by the Almohads in 1145, and then during the conflict between the latter and the Marinids in the 13th century.

La Medersa Bouanania

The largest Medressa of the city, the Medressa Bouanania is a theological institute, founded by Sultan Abu Hassan Marini (1331 – 1351), under the Meridian dynasty. Its construction began at the beginning of the reign of Abu Hasan in 1331, but it was completed only 20 years later in 1351. This religious boarding house, inspiring calm and tranquility, has a patio and a floor containing 26 rooms collabs (students).

El Hedim Square

An unmissable visit to the city of Meknes, Place El Hédim is the equivalent of Place Jemâa El Fna in Marrakech. Its name «Demolition Square» was inspired by the tons of rubble stored at the time of the reconstruction of the city. In the center of the Medina, this rectangular and immense square of 200m long and 100m wide, stands between the Medina, the mullah, and the imperial city.

Dar Jamaï Museum

Better known as «Dar Jamaï» or «Maison Jamaï», it is located on the edge of El Hdim Square in the Medina of Meknes. The palace was built in 1881 by Minister Mukhtar Jamay under Moulay Hassan (1873-1894). Of Andalusian type, Dar Jamaï is one of the specimens of the residences of the Moroccan «Makhzen families» at the end of the 19th century.

Ouarzazate is Best place to visit in Morocco

Ouarzazate es uno de los mejores lugares que visitar en Marruecos

Ouarzazate is one of the most famous cities in the country. Even if you don’t really know its name, you will probably recognize its photos. Indeed, it has been shown in many international films. Thanks to its proximity to the Sahara desert, this city is called the «desert gate».

Small farms, ruined historic sites, luxury Ouarzazate hotels, traditional Berber settlements… Ouarzazate is full of surprises. If you are planning to visit this city and its surroundings, here are some of the things you should definitely visit during your trip.

The Atlas Studios of Ouarzazate, Morocco

Who has never imagined himself as a film director? Thanks to its varied landscape and attractive scenery, Ouarzazate has seen movie studios flourish in its surroundings since the 1980s. Directors like Martin Scorsese or Alain Chabbat fell in love with the site: brightness, diversity of landscapes (mountainous or flat, green or arid, urban or deserts), and low cost of local labor.

The Kasbah of Taourirt, Ouarzazate Morocco

A must-see in Ouarzazate, the Kasbah of Taourirt was built in the 17th century by the Glaoui tribe. It is famous for its age. In fact, it was one of the first barbarian condos built! Kasba has long been the residence of Pasha Marrakech, an important figure in the Moroccan royal family.

Ait Ben Haddou Kasbah, Ouarzazate Morocco

The Ait Ben Haddou Kasbah is one of the most famous attractions in southern Morocco that you can visit directly from your Ouarzazate hotel. She has starred in many well-known films including Game of Thrones, the Mummy, Alexander, and Lawrence of Arabia. 

The large kasbah houses traditional earthen dwellings, high walls, winding and winding passages that look like a labyrinth. Although most of the inhabitants have moved, some families still live in the place and you will also find sellers of souvenirs and crafts. Note that this Moroccan ksar is inscribed on the list of world heritage of UNESCO.

The craft market - Ouarzazate

Leaving the Kasbah of Taourirt, tourists will find themselves in the heart of the craft market of the city. Under the air of the souk, the artisanal center of Ouarzazate offers many local objects: pottery, stone objects, textile or leather products (bags, slippers, etc.) as well as spices… essential! The flagship product of the city is carpets! Made by the Ouzguita tribe, they sometimes bear their name or that of the djebel Siroua carpet.

Boumaln Dades is one of the Best places to visit in Morocco

Boumaln Dades es uno de los mejores lugares que visitar en Marruecos

The city of Boumalne dades is well known by the city of Ksour and Kasbah as it has undeniable assets in terms of cultural and natural tourist potential including landscapes, crafts, local products, mountains, caves, nomads, kasbah and Ksour, historical sites and folk troops.

Dades Gorges, Boumaln Morocco

The Dades Gorges are among the most attractive sites to visit during your next holiday in Ouarzazate. Located in the south of Morocco, this High Atlas Valley will make your stay unforgettable. Discover then why making an expedition in the gorges of Dades can be a great idea.

Dades Valley, Boumaln Morocco

From Ouarzazate, the Dades Valley is a popular tourist route: the Dades is a wadi irrigating its valley: between the arid peaks and the desert landscapes that surround it, the valley takes on shades of greenery thanks to the vegetable crops it hosts. The landscapes become specular towards the gorges of Dades, while the road continues to meander on the foothills of the High Atlas.

Pitch with a view of the valley

Along the N10 road, after the Hotel la Kasbah de Dades, there is a pitch that is an unmissable viewpoint. From here, in fact, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the valley of the rivers Dades and BoumalneDades. An enchanting mixture of shades of dark red and ocher.

Monkey fingers, Dades valley

In 4X4 go on an excursion to the cliffs of Tamlalt 9kms from Boulmane Dades. They extend over 170km between the Djebel Saghro and the High Atlas. The landscape of the «monkey fingers» is of a raw and arid beauty where some oases bring a touch of greenery to this desert environment. To discover this unique hiking site, a guide is necessary. Bring good shoes, a hat, a backpack, and water bottles.

Kalaat M'gouna is one of the best places to visit in Morocco

Kelaat M’Gouna is a city located in one of the most beautiful valleys of southern Morocco, the Valley of Roses. The vast majority of its inhabitants are Amazigh. Its name means «the citadel of Mgouna», it owes its name to the Ighil Mgouna (4071 m) because located on the southern slope of the Mgoun massif

Kelaat Mgouna is the main rose water production center in Morocco. The city is also famous for its Rose Festival (Moussem) which is held in May each year, and which comes to celebrate the picking of roses from the valleys of Dades and Mgoun.

Roses Valley, Kalaat M'Gouna

Among the attractions in addition to the Valley of Roses can be noted except that the old bridge (vieux pont): when the highway appeared and a new crossing for the river, the old bridge was chosen by local women. They wash the carpets in the river and then dry them on the railing.

Best places to visit in Tinghir Morocco

Los mejores lugares para visitar en Tinghir Marruecos

Nestled between the High Atlas and the Anti-Atlas, Tinghir Administrative and economic center of the province, located between the city of Ouarzazate 160 km and Errachidia 130 km, Perched at 1300m altitude and offers the look of visitors along the valley of Toudgha the splendor of its landscapes.

The Gorges of Todra

Among the unpublished places of Morocco is the Gorges of the Todra Valley. Located just 15 km from the entrance to the High Atlas Mountain in Tinghir, this place occupies a colossal area. 

It is easily recognized by these limestone cliffs 300m high in some places. Your trip will remain forever an unforgettable memory by climbing them. Culminating in the air, some of these cliffs have never been climbed because of their inaccessibility.

The palm grove of Tinghir

In the heart of the Todgha valley, between the High Atlas and the Djebel Saghro, lies the magnificent palm grove of Tinghir. The city, a former French garrison, is built around a promontory dominated by the ruins of the old Glaoui palace. 

On a trip to the Todgha region, stop at Tinghir and take a stroll through the flower gardens, ksour, and kasbah.

The kasbah of the Glaoui

The kasbah of Glaoui, perched on a rocky promontory, is unfortunately not open to the public. However, the site offers a breathtaking panorama of the roofs of Tinghir and the palm grove of Todra. It is located 500m north of the city center on the road to Erfoud and Errachidia.

Best places to visit in Morocco: Asilah

Los mejores lugares que visitar en Marruecos: Asilah

Asilah (or Assilah) is known for its beautiful beaches, the calm of its medina, its small fishing port, and finally its 40-year-old festival.

Before the festival, street artists from all over the world (at least from Japan) decorate the walls with naive and colorful works.

Beaches of Asilah in Morocco

The town beach is close, beautiful, quite clean, and quiet off-season.

The beach is wide and several kilometers long. In rare places, rocks come out of the ground. The rest of the time you will have to settle for a thin layer of fine sand. This layer of sand makes cycling enjoyable.

Visit Asilah and its medina

Most of Asilah’s points of interest are located in the medina. Historic heart of the city, the streets of the medina are very nice, clean and quiet!

Many walls of houses in the medina of Asilah are decorated with works of street art. I will dedicate the next post on this blog to share with you the photos of these street artworks that I took during my stay in Asilah. Visiting Asilah necessarily means discovering these ephemeral works of street art!

In the media, here are the points of interest not to be missed. The essential to visit Asilah:

  • Wander through the streets of the medina to enjoy the calm of the city
  • Admire the works of street art found on every street corner
  • Torre de Menagem, a tower built by the Portuguese (and we can see it from the architecture).
  • Borj Krikiya and its magnificent view, on one side of the ocean, on the other on the ramparts of the medina.
  • Bab al Homer, the main gate of the medina of Asilah
  • The Great Mosque of Asilah.
  • The Palace of Raissuli, built at the beginning of the 20th century is today the cultural center of Asilah.

Dakhla is one of the Best places to visit in Morocco

Dakhla es uno de los mejores lugares para visitar en Marruecos

The medium-sized town nestled in the south of Morocco, Dakhla is often nicknamed the oasis between the sands of the Sahara and the Atlantic.

This end of the Moroccan world with contrasting landscapes knows how to be coquettish. Indeed, the meeting between the sea and the desert creates a breathtaking spectacle.

Nothing surprising then if a growing number of travelers succumb to the charms of the peninsula to make it a very popular destination.

As for its people, famous for its carefully preserved tradition, it reserves the best welcome. The scenery will be there, but you can also expect a total cultural immersion.

The Souk In Dakhla

If you happen to visit Dakhla in February, you can attend their great music festival.

Dakhla Music Festival

Many tourists who go to Dakhla are particularly interested in taking a night trip to the Mauritanian border, taking a look around Nouadibou, the Mauritanian city on the other side. This can be done on a bus or in your luxury 4×4.

Dakhla Beach

In Dakhla itself, there is no beach (located in the lagoon about 25 km north of Dakhla, which you will see on the way into the town), but there is a promenade by the sea.

Ad Dakhla is an interesting destination in the Moroccan Sahara for tourists who enjoy vast stretches of beach without the crowds.

Dahkla is located on a peninsula, and while there are no beaches in the town, very interesting beaches are located in the inland water lagoon, in fact on the left side, which extends for 50 km to the northern approach to Dakhla.

The Lagoon, in Dakhla, Morocco

These beaches are vast and shallow, where, at high tide, water comes near the road. Yet at low tide, you can walk for almost a kilometer.

A wide range of migratory birds and other wildlife are everywhere in Dakhla Beach, searching for sand crabs and other delicious pieces to eat.

It is an incredible experience to be able to walk on a vast almost flat beach empty of man, still sometimes filled with a wide range of migratory birds and other wildlife, searching for sand crabs and other delicious pieces to eat.

Occasionally you can find tracks through the wet sand of other small animals. Dolphins can also frequently be seen in Dakhla Bay.

Taroudant is one of the best places to visit in Morocco

Taroudant es uno de los mejores lugares que visitar en Marruecos

Tarodant is perfectly located between the sea and the mountains. It seems Tarodant was in Marrakech 20 years ago. Also known as “The little Marrakech.”

You will find its fortification ramparts, its medina, its kasbah, its local crafts (tannery, souk, etc.), and its breathtaking view of the Atlas and the anti-Atlas. Very popular for its hunting in the mountains, Taroudant is the birthplace of one of the most beautiful and mythical hotels in Morocco: La Gazelle d’Or. Exclusive destination reserved for seekers of authenticity and calm, it is not uncommon to find many personalities who come to seek a little serenity.

This peaceful city still bears memories of a flourishing past, whether Almohad, Marinid, Saadian, Portuguese, or French.

Best places to visit in Morocco: Tiznit

On a trip to the Moroccan coast, stop in Tiznit to enjoy the bustle of the city and the charm of its surroundings. Behind powerful ramparts with saffron reflections, the medina of Tiznit protects all the mysteries of the «blue sultan», the legendary El Hiba of Mauritania who reigned for some time over the entire region of Sous until Marrakech.

Walking through the streets of the medina, first visit the souk of jewelers. Tiznit is very famous for the know-how of its craftsmen goldsmiths and jewelers. In addition, visit the old market, its architecture is exceptional.

He sneaks through columns along the courtyard and visits workshops where Tiznit’s craftsmen work with money. Finally, don’t miss the sunset from the top of the walls!

Legzira Beach is the best place to visit in Morocco

Legzira Beach occupies the 29th place in the list of the 40 most beautiful beaches in the world. Such great praise among tourists for the beach was provided by natural arches of clay and red sand that go directly into the ocean and are bathed by its steep waves.

This unknown and isolated beach is located in the south of Morocco in the village of the same name 10 km from Sidi Ifni and 150 km from Agadir. Unfortunately, a few years ago, one of the four arches called the elephant collapsed, and only a pile of stones remained in its place.

Erfoud is one of the best places to visit in Morocco

Erfoud es uno de los mejores lugares para visitar en Marruecos

Erfoud is a small town in Morocco, located in the Meknès-Tafilalet region. It is famous for its date’s Moussem and gastronomy. It has many spices that characterize the country, including peppers. It attracts its visitors with its folk dances and the contest of the most beautiful dates. This place gives the opportunity to admire the dunes like those of Erg Chebbi or those of Merzouga.

Visitors can take walks in the city to admire the Moroccan landscapes and to find the atmosphere at the markets.

Top 10 things to do in Erfoud:

  • Adventure on the Sahara Routes, multi-day tours.
  • Visit the Macro Fossils Kasbah.
  • Getting to Pierre d’Erfoud, Boutiques, and Specialty Stores.
  • Discover the Shrine of Shmuel Abu Hatziera, a religious site.
  • Visit the Tahiri Museum Of Fossils And Minerals.
  • Discover the Sheikh Fossils Morocco.
  • Getting to Art Sahara, an art gallery.
  • Stroll around the Morabit Fossils and souvenir shops.
  • Visit the Morabit Marble.
  • Visit the Fossils of Erfoud, and souvenir shops.

Midelt is the places to visit in Morocc

Midelt is a city in Morocco, at the junction of the Middle Atlas and Eastern High Atlas ranges, with a population of 60,000.

Located at 1,521 m altitude in the Atlas, Midelt has a mountain climate with often snow in winter. At this altitude, mountain vegetation (fir, cedar) mainly replaces Mediterranean vegetation (oak, olive, etc.).

Apart from a kasbah, the place boils down to a stopover town when visiting the surroundings of Ouarzazate. One can easily reach the circus of Jaffar.

From Midlet it is also possible to climb Mount Ayachi, which lasts two to three days. Finally, the small town is near the gorges of Aouli and their old lead mines, creating an impressive scenery in this city.

The best places to visit in Morocco: Volubilis

Volubilis is a UNESCO World Heritage site. and it was the largest Roman city in Africa.

Located near Moulay Idris Zarhoun, the ruins of Volubilis are the most beautiful Roman monuments in Morocco. It is also among the main Roman monuments in Africa.

If you pass through Meknes and care about old monuments, we recommend you spend half a day visiting Volubilis.

The history of Volubilis is a perfect representation of Morocco’s diverse cultural influences. The city preserves the traces of different civilizations.

Volubilis was founded in the third century BC. It was then the capital of Mauritania. Mauritania was then the territory of the Amazigh. Volubilis was essentially an Amazigh city.

The city evolved rapidly when it was dominated by the Romans. At its peak, Volubilis had a population of between 10,000 and 20,000, according to historians. The city lived mainly from the olive oil trade. Plains around Volubilis are covered with olive trees!

Moulay Driss Zerhoun is the best place to visit in Morocco

Moulay Driss Zerhoun es uno de los mejores lugares para visitar en Marruecos

Perched on the famous Mount Zerhoun, Moulay Idriss is a city that is suitable for you who like to stroll in an idyllic natural setting! Narrow streets and surrounding hills will welcome you to this city of particular religious significance for Muslims.

This is mainly due to the presence of the sanctuary of the creator of this city, Idriss 1st. In the center of Moulay Idriss stands Place Mohamed VI. It is of a captivating beauty reflected by its many beautifully made arches. Between the Medina, the oldest part of the city, and its colorful streets, you will enjoy!

Zagora is the best place to visit in Morocco

Zagora is a small town in southern Morocco. Between dunes with orange hues, mountains, oases and forests of Tamaris and Acacia, the region of Zagora combines all the splendor and diversity of Moroccan landscapes. The city is dominated by the Djebel Zagora, a mountainous massif with an old fortress at its summit.

Visit the best place of Rissani Morocco

The holy city and former capital of Tafilalet, Rissani the «pink and green» is located in the southeast of Morocco. Considered the cradle of the Alaouite dynasty, it is the starting point of the conquest of Morocco by Moulay Ali Chérif began his conquest for Morocco against the Sâadians. More than for its rich past, Rissani is worth a visit to visit one of its many ksars.

Discover some of the most beautiful Ksour of Rissani Morocco:

Ksar Ouighlan, Rissani

At the exit of the city, we find the «Ksar Ouighlan». This building is very well preserved, it sheltered for many years, a large Jewish population, and this, until the middle of the twentieth century. Thus, the cultural and religious mix was very present.

Ksar Abber, Rissani Morocco

The «Ksar Abber» is a fortress dating from the 19th century. This ksar was at the time a place of exile for all members of the Alaouite royal family. He also protected part of the royal treasury, under the protection of several black soldiers. You can admire a very imposing arched door that gives access to a large courtyard, in which between ruins and remains of the walls and two watchtowers it is possible to relive for a few moments the times of a past.
The «Ksar el Fida», the main museum of Rissani

Ksar el Fida, Rissani

The «Ksar el Fida» is located 4km northeast of Rissani. It is considered the most important and oldest of all the Alawite Ksours of Tafilalet. The history of the ksar dates back to the time of Sultan Moulay Ismail. Completely restored in 2005, the building was transformed into a museum. One observes there long corridors, sublime doors, corridors; engravings of roofs and ceilings very rich in paintings. The museum presents visitors with several objects from everyday life at the time as well as beautiful carpets.

The museum is open all week from 9 am to 6 pm, the entrance is 10 Dirhams per person.

The Best places to visit in Morocco: Errachidia

In 1956, the province of Errachidia was established on the borders of South-East Morocco. This region is called Ksar Es-Souk by the Arabs, while the Berbers give it the name of Imetgharen. But in 1975, in honor of the Alawite prince, this land received the nomination of Errachidia.

Tarfilalet, located in the province, is a historic part of the country. Tafilalet is known as the largest oasis in the country.

Best places to visit in El Jadida Morocco

El-Jadida is a city located in Morocco a hundred kilometers from Casablanca and is a seaside city that is the headquarters of the prefecture of his province. Its fortifications are one of the main interesting constructions in the country and which make its reputation.

These date from the beginning of the 16th century, at the time of the Portuguese colonization. For nature lovers, the city contains important natural parks named after Mohamed V where you can admire the richness of the fauna and flora.

Places to visit in El Jadida:

El Jadida or Al Jadida is a coastal city in Morocco located in the Province of Casablanca. This region suffered an important Portuguese influence from the 16th century. It is therefore not surprising to see that several Portuguese elements still remain in this city and contribute to the tourist and architectural mosaic of the region. What are the highlights of the city of El Jadida?

Medina and its ramparts

The Medina is a suburb built by the Portuguese in the seventeenth century. It was bordered by ramparts forming a square of 300 meters side and advancing into the sea. A veritable cultural mosaic, this region is full of Christian and Islamic buildings. The most striking places of worship are the Church of the Assumption and a mosque whose minaret was designed on the ruins of a 5-sided watchtower.

The Portuguese tanker

The tank is a giant container in the shape of a room and is aimed at supplying the region with water. Built-in a rather oriental style, this cistern was born in 1514 on the ruins of an old weapons storage place. More than a place of irrigation, the cistern is a site that attracts the curiosity of tourists. Thus, many visitors go there, if only to take some pictures and admire its architecture.

The best places to visit in Morocco: Akchour

Akchour is a small village located a few kilometers from Chefchaouen in the heart of the Rif mountains. It is known above all for its exceptional natural landscapes. It is one of the best hiking spots in the area to escape the heat! By exploring its gorges, you will have the opportunity to discover the «Pont de Dieu», as well as the famous Ackhour waterfall.

Ifrane is the best place to visit in Morocco

Located in the Atlas Mountains, on the road between Fez and Marrakech, the small town of Ifrane is often considered the Switzerland of Morocco. It was created during the French colonial era as an alpine ski resort. With temperatures lower than in most other towns and villages in the country, special architecture, lush foliage, and varied outdoor activities, here are the best things to do if you visit Ifrane.

Ouzoud waterfalls a Best place to visit in Morocco

Cascadas de Ouzoud, el mejor lugar para visitar en Marruecos

Looking for what to visit in Morocco after enjoying the hustle and bustle of one of the imperial capitals? The Ouzoud waterfalls will make you happy. It is undoubtedly one of the most natural sites in Morocco.

These waterfalls of one hundred and ten meters high fall in torrents on three levels carved into the rock. To visit the Ouzoud waterfalls, follow a hiking trail that will take you through the forest, where you will find all kinds of merchants and monkeys. Be careful, they are real splinters!

When you reach the foot of the falls, you’ll feel tiny and won’t be able to resist the urge to get close to these giant waterfalls. Take a fun boat to the other side and have a tajine in front of the gigantic waterfalls. On the way back, the view is just as impressive. Try to see the rainbow over the falls.

Best places to visit in Morocco: Paradise Valley

A place that has a very apt name. Although it is a well-known tourist route, we recommend that you visit this valley in an excursion from Agadir. Visiting Morocco also means discovering sumptuous oases.

The Valley of Paradise is one of the most sublime. On the outskirts of Agadir, this natural wonder offers streams, waterfalls, natural pools of turquoise water, breathtaking gorges, and a wealth of biodiversity.

Do not hesitate to ask about hiking trails. With or without a guide, do not hesitate to explore the less traveled trails. A chance to awaken the adventure in you during a trip to the lands of Morocco.

What a Budget to travel to Morocco?

Accommodation is cheap in Morocco. A night in a hostel dormitory costs about 50-100 MAD (5-9.50 Euros). A night in a mid-range hotel or riad costs around 400-800 MAD (38-76 Euros). To stay in a luxury establishment, prices start at MAD 1000 (95 Euros) per night. Click here to find your accommodation.

Eating is not expensive either. A local dish (tagine, couscous) costs about 30-50 MAD (3-5 Euros). For a meal in a restaurant, you will pay about 100 MAD (9.50 Euros). For a meal in a high-end restaurant, prices start at 150 MAD (14.50 Euros). A beer costs about 60 MAD (5.50 Euros).

In terms of transport, there is public transport in the big cities, but they are not very reliable. Buses are old and full. A ticket is 4 MAD (0.40 Euros). There are also taxis, the price starts at 7 MAD (0.70 Euros). In Casablanca, there is Uber. To get around the country, bus trips cost around 80-120 MAD (7.50-11.50 Euros). A train trip costs between 100 and 200 MAD (9.50-19 Euros). You can rent a car from 250 MAD (24 Euros) per day. Finally, a domestic flight costs between 500 and 1000 MAD (47.50-95 Euros).

For activities, prices vary a lot depending on the city and what you want to do. Majorelle garden entrances in Marrakech cost around 70 MAD (6.50 Euros).

Relax in the hammam around 100-150 MAD (9.50-14.50 Euros). A multi-day desert tour costs around MAD 1000 (95 Euros).

Basically, if you travel on a tight budget, you can get away with 35 euros a day. Otherwise count about 100 euros and more a day.

How to get around in Morocco?

In the city, there are buses and taxis. To get around the country there is the bus, CTM and Supratours are the two most popular companies. There is also the train, domestic flights or you can rent a car.

When to go to Morocco?

Here are the details on when to go to Morocco. April, May, and September to November are the best months to visit Morocco. The weather is nice and there are not too many tourists. Avoid June to August because it is extremely hot (around 40°C). Unless you go to the coast (Essaouira, Rabat, Tangier, etc.). From December to March, it’s a good day, but temperatures drop after dark (below 0°C).

What to put in your suitcase?

We will not list everything you need to bring with you. We do not know how long you will live, where you go to Morocco, what you will do, and at what time of the year. So take all the necessary clothes, and your toiletries, but also:

  1. of dressings
  2. earplugs
  3. of hydroalcoholic gel
  4. combination locks
  5. a money belt
  6. an anti-theft cable
  7. a universal adapter
  8. a stainless steel flask
  9. a life straw (water filter)
  10. a menstrual cup (for girls)

Here is a whole list of travel accessories, which can be useful! And also how to prepare for your trip to Morocco!

What to eat in Morocco?

The food is delicious in Morocco, you will not be disappointed! Couscous is the most popular dish. Semolina is steamed with vegetables and a choice of mutton, chicken, and sometimes fish. Tajine is a stew stewed with beef, lamb, chicken, and vegetables. Tangia is best eaten in Marrakech. Meat cooked in a pot of earth for hours, in the wood oven of a hammam. Enjoy with bread!

Why visit Morocco?

I will repeat myself, but the diversity of landscapes in Morocco is really one of the main assets of the country. Small example, you will find big tourist cities between land and sea like Marrakech, Casablanca or Agadir. You can also go on an adventure and choose between different hikes or even opt for a trek in Morocco in the High Atlas Mountains or discover paradisiacal corners in the middle of the Sahara desert for a change of air.

What are the places to visit during a trip to Morocco?

From the dunes of the Sahara to the waves of the Atlantic Ocean, through the Kasbahs to the colorful markets, the charming Berber villages, and the majestic imperial cities, You only have to say the name of this country to be assaulted by a thousand suggestions.

During a stay in Morocco, we soak up the unique atmosphere of the Jemaa El Fna square in Marrakech, admire the imposing Hassan-II mosque in Casablanca, marvel at the beauty of Chefchaouen, the «blue city», and take full eyes in the leather tanneries of Fez before relaxing on a golden beach of Agadir.
Our travel ideas in Morocco, from the ocean to the desert.

Best places to visit in Morocco: Conclusion

Visiting the best places in Morocco is a truly memorable experience. The country has a lot to offer, from its incredible natural beauty to its rich culture and history. No matter when you decide to visit or what your interests are, there is something for everyone in this wonderful country. Then start planning your trip today and get ready for your adventure in Morocco.

Book Your tour and Visit one of the best cities in Morocco

If you have a long time in Morocco and you would like to do a tour around the Sahara desert, it’s an amazing idea that will let you explore the whole south of Morocco Sahara desert.