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3 Days Desert tour from Ouarzazate to Merzouga Overview:

If you love adventure, nature, and off-road trails, or if you are a photographer: Then this trip is probably what you need to take to experience the hidden off-roads and Saharan landscapes in southeastern parts of Morocco.

3 days Desert tour from Ouarzazate to Merzouga that covers many remote regions of the Draa Tafilalt region including Mountains, deserts, valleys, Berber villages, palm groves, rock formations…etc.

This Morocco adventure tour of 3 days Ouarzazate Desert Tour to Merzouga starts with the valley of roses trails to Dades gorges after visiting one of the most famous Valleys of Todgha gorge, you will have the opportunity to experience the Berber cultures, food, and clothes, you will explore the Sahara desert in southern Morocco which located near the border of Algeria and Morocco, experience camel rides, desert camps, Berber music.

Info of 3 Days desert tour from Ouarzazate to Merzouga

+ Duration: 3 Days & 2 Nights.
+ Departure: 08:30 am.
+ Starting Location: Ouarzazate.
+ Ending Location: Ouarzazate.

3 Days Ouarzazate Desert tour to Merzouga Highlights

+ Visit the roses valley with Dades valley 
+ Drive to Dades Gorges
+ Visit  The Todgha Gorges and drive across Erfoud To Desert
+ Ride a camel in Merzouga while assisting to a dramatic sunset
+ Sleep under the stars in Erg Chebbi Sahara camp
+ drive through the Draa valley To Ouarzazate

3 days from Ouarzazate to Merzouga desert tour Itinerary

Day 1 : Ouarzazate – roses Valley – dades valley - Todra gorges

We pick you up from your accommodation in the morning to start our 3 Days Desert Tour from Ouarzazate to Merzouga, to the Dades Gorge, passing the Oasis of Skoura, where numerous ancient kasbahs, some sadly in ruins, stand amongst the palm trees. From here, our route takes us through Kela’a M’gouna, the Valley of Roses, where we stop to see the cosmetic articles made locally from the valley’s abundant blossoms. These products are well-known throughout Morocco and are highly valued. From here, you take an off-road route to have a better impression of the landscape. You stop in the Dades gorge for lunch after which you have time to walk in the gorges, in the fields and gardens. We continue our way to Todra Gorges. spend a night in a hotel/riad.

Day 2: Todra gorges – Erfoud – Merzouga desert

After breakfast, the trip continues a short distance to Tinghir and the very different Toudgha gorges where you can take a short walk to appreciate the steep sides of the gorge and the narrow expanse of the sky above. From there, you continue to the Chebbi dunes via Tinjdad, and the Oasis of Tafilalet near Erfoud, famous for its Date Festival, and Rissani, which is the seat of the Alaouite family of the present king of Morocco. Between Tinjdad and Erfoud, you can stop to go down into the fascinating underground water channels deep below the earth, always cool and preventing the evaporation of this source of irrigation. In Erfoud itself, you can stop to see the workings of thousands of fossils made into all sorts of artifacts. Lunch will be in a Berber village along the way. At the bivouac, you are welcomed with a glass of tea before taking a camel ride to watch the sunset from the top of the dunes. Later there is dinner and the night in a nomad tent at the foot of the dunes.

Day 3: Merzouga desert - nkob - Draa valley - Agdez - Ouarzazate

If you wake up early enough, you can watch the spectacle of the sunrise, when the color of the dunes and the play of shadows are an awesome sight. The itinerary continues to the Dra’a Valley via the village of Tazzarine (featured in the film ‘Babel’), and on to N’Qob for lunch. In the afternoon the journey takes us to Tanasikht, to drive along the ancient caravan route to discover the real Draa Valley, with its huge palm trees and ancient villages. You return to Ouarzazate where our 3 Days Desert tour from Ouarzazate to the Merzouga Sahara will end.

3 days from Ouarzazate Desert tour to Merzouga Includes

3 days from Ouarzazate Desert tour to Merzouga Excludes


If this Ouarzazate desert tour to Merzouga 3 Days does not match what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will prepare the trip for your needs and requirements.

3 Days to Merzouga desert tour from Ouarzazate Reviews

3 Days Desert tour from Ouarzazate to Merzouga

We really recommend traveling with this tour company. The plan of the Sahara tour was interesting and we had many stops in beautiful places to visit and take photos (Ait Ben Haddou, Todra George, and others). We feel that we are really visiting the country, not just through it.
¡Our driver Hassan is the best! He has a great knowledge of this part of the country, culture, and tradition. We felt safe and comfortable throughout the tour.

Anuel K. October 2022

A fantastic tour of the Sahara Desert from Ouarzazate recommended

A great visit and a really well-organized experience, thanks to the staff. The guide and driver who has been assigned to us, Hassan, has allowed us to know the places and especially the people and guides who have welcomed us and welcomed us in an optimal way.
Travel despite a long period pleasantly accompanied by entertainment and music.

Luca C. October 2022

Extensive experience of 3 Days Desert tour from Ouarzazate

I enjoyed my trip with Hassan. It was really worth the money. I enjoyed every day. The food was great. The first night’s hotel was better than expected.
I even bought a Moroccan rug.
Thanks also to Marrache Tour Company.

Liam D. May 2022

Places to see in Your 3 Days Ouarzazate Desert Tour to Merzouga

Kasbah Amridil:

Kasbah Amridil was built in the 17th century by the Nassiri family, who still run it today. This “living museum” is a great opportunity to learn more about how people lived in the casbah 300 years ago. The houses, streets, and walls of the Kasbah have been virtually unchanged for over 300 years. Walking among them, you can get an idea of what it was like to live there a long time ago. Several buildings have been restored so that you can look inside. You will also see the ancient fountains, bread ovens, and even an old oil mill.

The beautiful kasbah was once visible on the 50 dirham note, although the more recent ones no longer have it. He was also shown in several films, including Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves and Lawrence of Arabia.

Guided tours are available in five languages and if you are not familiar with the life of the Kasbah, the visits are quite instructive. There is also a nice guesthouse right next to Kasbah Amridil if you decide to stay a little longer.

Dades Gorge:

The Dades Valley is another magnificent place in Morocco: a long valley, narrow between the High Atlas chain to the north and the Jebel Sarho chain to the south, which follows the placid course of the river.
An extensive area, where there are rugged gorges, oases, lush palm groves, rural villages and a succession of impressive fortified kasbahs. And this region, rightly, takes the name of Kasbah Street. Coming from Merzouga in the direction of Skoura, after a short detour, we visited the Todra Gorges, a majestic fracture that creeps into the mountain, where flows a river of transparent water that makes fertile the whole valley intensively cultivated.

Not far away are also the Dades Gorges, from the steep rock walls to peak, which we reached through a winding paved road full of ups and downs with many points exposed on the narrow gully below.

Todra Gorge:

Located on the eastern side of the High Atlas Mountains in Morocco, the Todra Gorges are one of the most spectacular canyons in the world.

Here, both the Todra and Dadès Rivers carved a canyon on the cliffside in their last 40-kilometer route through the mountains, leaving behind a series of reliefs and rock carvings. Todra is the name of the last 600 meters of the gorge. In some places, these gorges measure only 10 meters wide, but the walls are more than 150 meters high on both sides. Over the years the river has dried up, but the view is such as to let imagine what were the powerful natural forces that once carved this region.

Erfoud City:

The town of Erfoud is located in the south of Morocco, not far from the border with Algeria, 280 kilometers from Ouarzazate, and 320 south of Meknes, at the foot of the High Atlas, on the road of the thousand Kasbahs. Erfoud is located right at the edge of the desert and is often surrounded by strong sandstorms that creep into its center. There are two main attractions in the city, the Date Festival and the marble industry, known for marine fossils dating back 360 million years, but Erfoud is also a great base camp for exploring the desert and its extraordinary and endless landscapes. The marble quarries are many and beautiful and are only 15 kilometers from the city. Here a wonderful black marble is extracted.

Merzouga Desert:

Merzouga is a tourist resort located in an oasis on the edge of the desert, known as the gate of Erg Chebbi. This place was once a stopping point along the tracks that crossed the Sahara. Today, the dunes of Erg Chebbi are on tour from here.

Draa Valley:

The valley is located in southern Morocco, crossed by the largest river in the country, the Draa, from which it takes its name… although it is now dry for most of the year. In these lands there are many Ksar, fortified Berber villages. Numerous battles have taken place in this valley; for this reason there are still many Ksar and fortress-cities called Kasbah designed to withstand the numerous sieges and at the time. Instead, the merchants and caravans coming from Timbuktu, after the tiring crossing of the Sahara, stopped in these cities and oases as hospitable and cool places where the water was abundant and dark. In fact, the valley is nicknamed as “the valley of the thousand Kasbahs”.
In addition to the numerous Kasbahs, this amazing valley so varied and rich in vegetation encompasses lush plains, palm groves, snowy mountains, sand dunes, the beautiful city of Ouarzazate. Book and come with us to our next

Ouarzazate Desert tour 3 Days FAQs

Why would anyone go to Ouarzazate, Morocco?

It served everything from biblical scenes to ancient Egyptian fables. The surroundings of Ouarzazate are not only the center of the Moroccan film industry but also the home of fascinating kasbahs – rotten and restored – and a hidden oasis that makes it one of the most interesting places in Morocco.

Is Ouarzazate in the Sahara?

Ouarzazate has always been a cultural meeting place and a melting pot for the different peoples of the North and South for trade and cultural exchanges. Merchants settled in the city of Ouarzazate and excavations found gold and precious metals.

Is Merzouga in the Sahara desert?

Merzouga is located on the edge of the beautiful Sahara desert and is a dusty little town in eastern Morocco. Although the city itself has little to offer the intrepid traveler (in addition to a handful of hotels and restaurants), it is known as the gateway to the immense dunes of the Erg Chebbi

How to get to Merzouga in Morocco?

Most of the streets are pretty picturesque, with the Alnif-Rissani section picturesque desert without villages. From Fez, head south to Erfoud (1 day), then Rissani. Once in Rissani, drive through the city and follow the road southeast for 40 km (24 miles) to Merzouga.

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